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2022 Articles

Co-Editor’s Quarterly Column: MS Office Tips and Tricks—Introduction to Excel By Todd Flaming February 2022 The basics of how to use MS Excel.
Co-Editor’s Quarterly Column: Using MS Outlook By Todd Flaming May 2022 Practical tips for using MS Outlook.
Cybersecurity Best Practices By Adam Ford & Jenifer L. Johnson May 2022 With the rash of recent cybersecurity attacks nationwide, cyber hygiene has never been more important for government lawyers.
Illinois Supreme Court Appoints 3 Legal Tech Members to e-Business Policy Advisory Board By Chris Bonjean May 2022 The Illinois Supreme Court recently reconstituted the Supreme Court e-Business Policy Advisory Board and appointed three members of the ISBA Legal Technology Committee effective immediately.
Password Managers By Matt Loar February 2022 Password managers are an excellent tool to create strong, unique passwords and improve the security of your online accounts.
Roundtable Discussion With ISBA Rural Practice Fellows By Matthew R. Huff May 2022 A summary of the Standing Committee on Legal Technology's online roundtable discussion with associate fellows in the new ISBA Rural Practice Initiative.
What Every Lawyer Should Know About the Internet of Things By Jonathan Nessler February 2022 The internet of things is an ever-expanding group of smart devices that have infiltrated our everyday lives and the daily operations of many law firms. Although they offer a number of benefits, they also present a number of security concerns.