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Newsletter Articles From 2009

The Amazon Kindle 2: How do I love (and hate) thee, let me count the ways By Bryan Sims July 2009 The author recently received an Amazon Kindle 2 as a gift. He's identified some things he loves about it as well as some things he doesn't.
Bloggers beware By Adam Snukal October 2009 The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) is in the process of revising its Endorsement and Testimonial Policies and Guidelines—the first set of revisions since 1980. 
E-filing pilot in Cook County—An overview By John Chatz October 2009 On May 11, 2009, the Circuit Court of Cook County took an historic step on several levels.
E-xciting! E-filing comes to Madison County By Hon. Barbara Crowder October 2009 “E-nough already,” was the sentiment expressed by the Circuit Clerk’s office about the volume of paper it needed to process and store. 
Farewell, Friend By David Clark July 2009 Remembering retired 10th Circuit judge James McNabb Bumgarner, who died April 3 at age 89 in his Port St. Lucie, Fla., home.
From the Chair By Bryan Sims October 2009 In this issue of the newsletter we have two articles that talk about the e-filing initiatives in Cook and Madison Counties.
From the Chair By Trent L. Bush July 2009 A message from Chair Trent Bush.
From the Chair By Trent L. Bush February 2009 A message from Chair Trent Bush.
Review of Adobe Acrobat 9 By Bryan Sims February 2009 The author strongly suggests upgrading to version 9.
To Pre or not to Pre: My initial impressions of Palm’s new smart phone By Nerino J. Petro July 2009 The author finds that Palm did an excellent job with the new phone and has so far been enjoying it. 
Top 10 tips for Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 By Roy Greenberg February 2009 The author's 10 best tips for using Adobe Acrobat Professional 8, with an emphasis on communicating with people who are resistant to learning about PDFs.
Top 11 tips for Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 By Roy Greenberg February 2009 The author provides tips for use for users that will even work with older versions of Acrobat.
Using your BlackBerry in higher gear—from 0 to 60 in four simple steps By Shamla Naidoo October 2009 You probably know somebody that uses a BlackBerry© Smartphone, those useful little devices that have changed our relationship with e-mail forever. These days, few lawyers could survive without one.