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Newsletter Articles From 2010

10 questions on biometric technology By Adam Nelson March 2010 Steve Dunn, ISBA's Director of Information Technology, discusses his personal experience with biometric technology.
Building your online network By Peter LaSorsa October 2010 Use these tips to improve your Internet presence and ensure your business comes up on the first page of a Google or Yahoo search.
Employers asking for employee passwords for private Web sites like Facebook and Twitter By Peter LaSorsa January 2010 Scenario: Prospective employee arrives at the interview and is asked to give a list of the private Web sites he has along with the passwords so the company can review before hiring. Is this legal? 
From the Chair By Bryan Sims March 2010 The thoughts and opinions of COLT's Chair.
From the Chair By Bryan Sims January 2010 I firmly believe that one of the most useful tools available for attorneys is the ability to maintain our calendars electronically.
Greetings from the Chair By Adam Nelson October 2010 Sign up for the ISBA's Solo & Small Firm Conference later this month and attend one or more of the many technology-focused presentations-- they're sure to help you in your practice!
Greetings from the Chair By Adam Nelson September 2010 A look at what members of the Committee have to look forward to in the coming year, from Chair Adam Nelson.
“Hello, may I help you?” Yes, By Robert C. Thurston September 2010 One of the problems that solos and some small firms face is hiring a good receptionist that provides a professional voice to the outside world. Ruby makes potential clients feel as if they are hiring the best lawyers.
Is it blue-button scanning mojo? By Nerino J. Petro, Jr. September 2010 A review of the latest incarnation of the Fujitsu ScanSnap.
Laptop printing at a hotel By Todd H. Flaming October 2010 Away from your office and need to print? This Web site offers the solution.
Pensoft Payroll 2010 Professional By Bryan Sims October 2010 A great software addition for lawyers doing their own bookkeeping-- This software version includes the ability to export information for direct deposit, as well as the ability to generate W-2s.
RSS for lawyers: RSS 101 By Trent L. Bush January 2010 After you’ve grabbed a cup of coffee, what do you do first thing in the morning when you sit down at your desk and fire up your computer? If you’re like me, you bring up your Web browser and check out several of your favorite Web sites for the latest news, sports, weather, financial information, etc. What if you could corral most of that information into once place? With RSS feeds, you can!
Ruling rethinks search warrant when evidence is digital By David Clark January 2010 Common practice for decades for investigators who enter a suspect’s home with a search warrant to look for illegal items and finding other contraband lying openly, they can seize the additional contraband despite not referenced in the warrant.  
Safeguarding your network and your data By Aaron W. Brooks March 2010 A brief overview of two important information security laws, and a checklist you can use to audit your own computer security practice.
Severing the landline By Peter LaSorsa March 2010 The author presents his case for the elimination of traditional telephone service.
Software acquisitions beware! By Frank M. Grenard March 2010 Due diligence must be used for consolidations, acquisitions, divestitures, and any other entity change which would result in a new legal entity becoming the user of the licensed product.
Status report on my paperless office By Alan R. Press September 2010 A paperless office may not be for everyone, but author Alan Press discusses how it has made his practice more efficient and more profitable.
Using Adobe Acrobat for your legal research By Bryan Sims September 2010 By printing a case to PDF, you can leverage technology to make your research more user-friendly and accessible.
Windows 7: Is it right for your practice (now)? By Robert C. Thurston October 2010 The pros and cons of upgrading your law practice to Windows 7.