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Newsletter Articles From 2008

Bill4Time Internet-based time and billing software By Alan R. Press August 2008 The author has never been able to find the perfect Time and Billing Software for my solo practice. The programs are usually too complicated and cumbersome or too basic and lacking in functionality. Luckily, Bill4Time has been a great solution and middle ground.
Cannon ScanFront 220P By Bryan Sims October 2008 A review of the Canon ScanFront 220P, a standalone network scanner.
Cybersquatting? What is It? How cybersquatting is affecting us today and how it will affect us in the future By Ashley Pletz February 2008 Law firms are faced with cybersquatting issues everyday; thus it is important for lawyers to become familiar with cybersquatting.
E-mail encryption By Benjamin Gerber and Adam Nelson August 2008 In this article, we will look at another use for cryptography in your everyday activities, encryption of communications, specifically of e-mail and e-mail attachments. We will then explain how to get started using encryption features in two of the most popular e-mail clients, Outlook and Thunderbird.
Easier cell phone data transfer? By Meredith E. Ritchie April 2008   Counsel should advise its clients as to the current privacy and employment laws before suggesting that corporations or individuals implement any surveillance techniques. Additionally, corporate policies and handbooks should be updated to reflect any changes to company cell phone use.
From the Chair By Trent L. Bush October 2008 The Chains That Bind You? Does technology set you free from the office, or does it bind you to it? For me, the answer is yes.
From the Chair By Trent L. Bush August 2008 Welcome! It is my pleasure to serve as the Chair of this year’s Committee on Legal Technology (COLT).
From the Chair By David B. Yavitz July 2008 This is my last From the Chair column since my year as Chair of the Committee on Legal Technology will end with the June 2008 Annual Meeting of the ISBA.
From the Chair By David B. Yavitz April 2008 A message from Section Chair David B. Yavitz.
From the Chair By David B. Yavitz February 2008 Reporting from Las Vegas and San Francisco. Hello everyone, this is Geek Week.
Have you created a privacy policy? By David Clark October 2008 With more and more information gathered electronically, everybody needs to consider a privacy policy.
How I use Outlook; Part I By Aaron W. Brooks July 2008 The author has always felt that most people underutilize Microsoft Outlook.
How to run an ad campaign for your Web site By Peter LaSorsa February 2008 In order to get people to your Web site one of two things must happen; first you must have a Web site that comes up high in a search or you must run a successful online advertising campaign. This article addresses the latter.
I love my new computer By Todd H. Flaming October 2008 Although I work in a Windows environment, I use a MacBook Air.
Inbox overflowing? Tips for taming the beast By Trent L. Bush April 2008 For most attorneys, e-mail is now the primary means of communication with the outside world. You get e-mails from your office, clients, other attorneys, professional organizations, friends and family, not to mention countless spam messages. How can you pull yourself out and stay above water?
Internet browsers you should try By Peter LaSorsa October 2008 Many attorneys are too busy practicing law and running their businesses to worry about which Internet browser they should use.
Intersection of technology and your job search—Techniques to streamline and stand out By Jennifer Bertoglio August 2008 An attorney on the job hunt can now search and apply for a job anywhere in the world in just a few clicks of a mouse. As a result, in this age of electronic resumes and digital job postings, making effective use of technology requires sophisticated strategies to streamline your search and stand out to prospective employers.
Managing e-discovery: What is required and how to save money By Jennifer Bertoglio April 2008 A few tips that may help make your next e-discovery effort more manageable and cost-effective.
This is no one-trick pony—Microsoft’s OneNote digital notebook By Nerino J. Petro July 2008 Microsoft Office OneNote is not a one-trick pony.