Board of Governors Award

These Awards are for the purpose of recognizing lawyers for exemplary service to the profession and/or the Association and for recognizing nonlawyers for especially meritorious deeds or service that significantly advance the administration of justice or the goals of the profession or the Association. These Awards are given only when it is demonstrated that there are worthy recipients. Policy adopted by the Board of Governors precludes sitting members of the Board of Governors from consideration or receipt of the Board of Governors Award, and also limits the number of awards to be presented to three per year.

The Board policy is to make this Award in recognition of the following types of service:

  1. Officers or members of ISBA committees and sections whose efforts during the previous year led to outstanding accomplishments in furthering the goals of the Association. (These awards are to be given sparingly to individuals whose efforts substantially exceed that which is normally expected of committee or section personnel.)
  2. Lawyers or others who energetically devote their time to lawrelated projects and whose actions are deserving of public recognition.
  3. Public officials who perform their job in such a way that the goals of the profession and/or Association are significantly advanced.
  4. Individuals, lawyers or nonlawyers, who have consistently and for an extended period of time service the profession/Association.

Nominations of qualified individuals are to be submitted in writing to the Committee on Scope and Correlation, whose duty it will be to review submissions and submit recommendations to the Board of Governors. Recommendations from the Scope and Correlation Committee are to be submitted annually to the Board of Governors at their May meeting. Sitting members of the Board of Governors are precluded from consideration of a Board of Governors Award. ISBA Past Presidents are generally precluded from receiving Board of Governors Awards, but, when appropriate, meritorious service may be recognized with one of the other forms of awards.

The Awards are to be publicly announced and presented during the Awards Luncheon held during the ISBA Annual Meeting.

This Award takes the form of an attractive plaque suitable for display.