Richard H. Teas Legislative Support Award

The Richard H. Teas Legislative Support Award acknowledges ISBA members’ meritorious service provided in support of ISBA’s legislative efforts in the Illinois General Assembly.

This award is given in memory of Richard H. Teas, a long-time member of the ISBA Trusts and Estates Section Council, who contributed hours of his own time in analyzing, drafting, and testifying on legislation. He was highly respected by legislators and legislative staff for his competence, ethics, and diplomacy.

Award Winners

  • 2023 - Keith E. Emmons
  • 2022 - Margaret Benson
  • 2021 - Charles G. Brown
  • 2020 - Michael Strauss
  • 2019 - Cindy Buys
  • 2018 - Larry Davis
  • 2017 - Maggie Bennett
  • 2016 - Richard W. Zuckerman


  • Any ISBA member in good standing
  • Must be nominated by an ISBA member in good standing or an ISBA section council or committee.

Nomination Process

To nominate a person for this award, the following information is required:

  • Name of Nominee;
  • Address and Contact Information, including email address and phone number;
  • Whether the nominee is a member of the ISBA;
  • A description of the efforts the nominee has made in supporting the ISBA’s legislative efforts in the Illinois General Assembly;
  • A list the specific Legislative Proposals, House or Senate Bills, or other legislative initiatives the nominee has written, provided analysis, or contributed to;
  • And if the nominee provided these services as a member of a section council or committee    
  • Contact information of the nominator.

If you have any questions, please contact Jill Gilpin at

Deadline for awards submission is March 4, 2024.

Nomination form