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2000 Articles

Building blocks for youth “special edition” on-line newsletter By Timijanel Boyd Odom December 2000 The Building Blocks for Youth Initiative released Youth Crime/Adult Time: Is Justice Served?
Case law update By Kathryn Bischoff December 2000 Mother's appeal from termination of her parental rights. Reversed and remanded.
Case law update: abuse/neglect By Kathryn Bischoff October 2000 The States' petition alleged the minors were neglected due to an environment injurious to their welfare.
Case law update: abuse/neglect By Kathryn Bischoff April 2000 Respondent mother appealed a permanency order for one of her children to continue to be long-term foster care with the paternal grandmother.
Case Law Updates By Kathryn Bischoff February 2000 Mother appealed a termination of her parental rights. Appellate Court held the finding that mother had not made reasonable progress toward return of her children was against the manifest of the evidence. Reversed.
Civil prosecution By Catherine M. Ryan April 2000 What is "civil prosecution"?
Editor’s note October 2000 Have you always wanted to be a published writer?
Families Intact By Catherine M. Ryan February 2000 Families Intact began in August of 1999 to offer a family approach to the treatment of substance abuse by a family member by providing addiction treatment services in conjunction with multi-family therapy.
The family as a business By Michael F. Chiappetta June 2000 Families struggling with family problems often have difficulty resolving them because they lack a good model of how a family should operate effectively.
Illinois’ blend of injustice: extended juvenile prosecutions By Austin W. Bartlett December 2000 The Illinois EJJP provision shifts discretion from judges to prosecutors.
ISBA Child Law Section case law update: abuse/neglect May 5, 2000 June 2000 Respondent Mother appeals a finding of neglect as to her daughter, ZZ.
Juvenile justice system and children with disabilities By Sam Park February 2000 Children with disabilities today represent a disproportionate majority in the juvenile justice system.
Maryville Academy: providing a continuum of care for youth in need By Lindsay Bicknell-Hentges & John Lynch June 2000 Maryville Academy was established in 1883 by Archbishop Patrick Feehan after various epidemics and the great Chicago fire resulted in hundreds of orphaned and homeless children.
A message from the chair By Timijanel Boyd Odom June 2000 Following in the footsteps of my predecessor, Attorney Richard Larson, I would like to take executive privilege about a particular Juvenile Law Issue that has moved me to comment so publicly.
Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: legal concerns surrounding surveillance and prosecution in Illinois By Amy Gutierrez April 2000 "Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy . . . is a form of child abuse in which a parent, most often a mother, fabricates or induces illness in a child in order to gain medical attention."
New rules for special education By Nancy Hablutzel December 2000 The Illinois State Board of Education has finally released the new regulations for the implementation of IDEA 97 in Illinois.
The Parent Education Program April 2000 The Cook County Juvenile Court Child Protection Division has established an education program for litigants on courtroom events and procedures in child abuse, neglect and dependency cases
Parental responsibility statutes to Illinois law By Stephanie A. Robinson October 2000 Compared to parental responsibility statutes of other states and to common law, the parental responsibility statute of Illinois found at 740 ILCS 115/1 et seq., lies in the middle of a continuum, with low, very limited liability at one end and high, very expansive liability at the other end.
She’s snorting for two: potential sanctions against pregnant women who use drugs in Illinois By Jon M. Theisen February 2000 Cocaine use constricts umbilical arteries and closes off or decreases an unborn child's access to oxygen.