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2004 Articles

4th District Appellate Court protects confidentiality of juvenile victim’s delinquency background By Catherine M. Ryan & Nancy Hablutzel December 2004 The 4th District Appellate Court recently ruled on the application of Illinois' rape-shield statute in a case in which the accused wished to present in evidence the prior delinquency adjudication of the victim for a sexual offense.
Age is not a factor in a Miranda inquiry By Catherine M. Ryan & Kathryn Bischoff June 2004 On June 1, 2004, the United State Supreme Court issued one of its infrequent decisions on juvenile justice.
BARJ happenings October 2004 Illinois has adopted a Balanced and Restorative Justice Approach [BARJ] to address juvenile delinquency. The newsletter will highlight efforts to implement this approach in Illinois.
Case law update By Ellen Pauling March 2004 The court found that section 1 (D)(q) of the Adoption Act, the conviction of attempted murder of a child is identified as a grounds for parental unfitness, violates neither the due process nor equal protection clauses of the constitution because evidence of the respondent subsequent rehabilitation can be presented at best interests hearings.
Child victims after Crawford v. Washington By Catherine M. Ryan & Nancy Hablutzel October 2004 This issue of the newsletter presents three Illinois decisions that impact child victims as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Crawford v. Washington.
From the Chair By Ellen Pauling December 2004 Our symposium in October on Sex Offenders was a great success. The facilities at Northwestern University School of Law were outstanding and approximately 144 attended.
From the Chair By Ellen Pauling October 2004 This year promises to be an excit- ing one in juvenile justice. I am honored to be chair for 2004- 2005.
Just when we were getting somewhere By Catherine M. Ryan June 2004 Finally, states and local communities received funds to improve their juvenile justice systems.
Lawsuits around the county By Catherine M. Ryan & Nancy Hablutzel December 2004 A former high school student accused a coach of sexual abuse. The board of education concluded that the student was lying and did not report the allegation pursuant to the state child abuse reporting statute.
Legislation on the move March 2004 At the time this newsletter was in publication, the following juvenile justice bills were scheduled for committee hearings, or were already on 2d or 3d reading.
A report card on child welfare in Illinois: The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services review By Catherine M. Ryan March 2004 How are we caring for our most vulnerable children in Illinois? A recent federal review offers one perspective that may inform practitioners in child welfare and juvenile court.
Subsidized guardianship: A third ground for permanent placement By Catherine M. Ryan & Nancy Hablutzel December 2004 May a trial court enter a permanency goal of subsidized guardianship and close the juvenile court case, thereby continuing the guardianship indefinitely and preventing further work of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services toward reunification with the parents?