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2005 Articles

Case comment-In re D.D. By Sherry Silvern April 2005 In September of 2004, the Illinois Supreme Court issued its decision in In re D.D., a minor, (People of the State of Illinois) v. D.D. (Oak Park-River Forest High School District 200), 212 Ill. 2d 410, 819 N.E.2d 300 (2004).
The Chair’s page: The Great Depression By Dixie Lee Peterson November 2005 No, I am not referring to 1929. I am referring to what currently is occurring in the legal profession. While most attorneys feel good about being a lawyer, all recognize increasing pressures in recent years, which pressures they expect to continue into the future.
Coming to a courtroom near you—Evidence-based practices By Thomas Riggs November 2005 In the fall of 2003, Illinois was chosen as one of the two states nationwide to launch a project entitled “Implementing Effective Correctional Management of Offenders in the Community.”
Concerns about voluntariness and reliability of juvenile confessions led to new law on recording By John Gleason July 2005 Section 5-401.5 of the Juvenile Court Act encourages, and in a sense requires, police and prosecutors to audiotape or videotape their custodial interrogations of juveniles in homicide and sex-crime cases.
D.D.: Minors on probation By Kaitrin E. Valencia April 2005 On September 23, 2004 the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in In Re D.D. 819 N.E.2d 300 (Ill. 2004) that a school district was not required to pay for the educational portion of a delinquent special education student's out-of-state placement that was ordered pursuant to the Juvenile Court Act.
From the chair By Ellen Pauling April 2005 This year is a great year for the council. The dedication of our members is unmatched.
From the Co-editors By Catherine M. Ryan & Nancy Hablutzel April 2005 Recently, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in favor Oak Park and River Forest High School District No. 200 in a case of first impression in Illinois.
From the former Chair By Ellen Pauling July 2005 Our CLE on Abuse/Neglect Law was a great success and those of you who did not attend should make a point of attending the next CLE.
The Importance of Mentoring By Dixie Lee Peterson July 2005 As incoming Chair of the Section Council I would like to share with you one of our goals for this year. I am looking forward to working with all of you over the coming months.
In re D.D. By Julie Heuberger Yura April 2005 In In re D.D., 212 Ill.2d 410, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the Appellate Court of Illinois' reversal of a Juvenile Court order requiring Oak Park and River Forest High School District 200 to pay the educational component of a student's juvenile court-ordered residential placement resulting from his probation violation.
New law encourages electronic recording of custodial interrogations of juveniles By John Gleason July 2005 Beginning July 18, 2005, police and prosecutors will need to make an electronic recording of their custodial interrogation of a juvenile, if they want to ensure that evidence of the juvenile's statements will be admissible to establish guilt at a trial or delinquency hearing.
Sister Catherine Ryan By Robin Belleau April 2005 Sister Catherine Ryan, who is a long-time member of the Juvenile Justice Section Council, was recently appointed Executive Director of Maryville Academy.