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2018 Articles

Case note: In re Marriage of Dee J. and Ashley J. By Judge Randall Rosenbaum October 2018 A summary of In re Marriage of Dee J. and Ashley J., in which the court looked at whether the nonbiological parent in a same-sex marriage was legally the parent of a child conceived through artificial insemination.
Case note: In re Marriage of Milne By Judge Randy Rosenbaum October 2018 A summary of In re Marriage of Milne, in which the appellate court determined whether the trial court erred in finding that Illinois was the “home state” under the Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.
Chair’s column By Tracy Weaver May 2018 A message from the Child Law Section's chair, Tracy Weaver.
The child abuse hearsay exception By Jared Giuffre October 2018 There are several provisions in Illinois law that allow for the hearsay statements of a child to be admitted for substantive purposes.
Juvenile abuse and neglect cases: A short primer for non-Cook County matters By Jared Giuffre October 2018 A primer designed to give you guidance on how abuse and neglect cases proceed.
A must-see movie: Minding the Gap By Susan M. Goldberg October 2018 A review of the acclaimed documentary, Minding the Gap.
New rule eliminating indiscriminate shackling of children working well By Elizabeth Clarke May 2018 A year ago, the Illinois Supreme Court issued Rule 943 to end indiscriminate shackling of children in juvenile court.
Note from the editor By Marc A. Bangser October 2018 A note from the Child Law Section editor, Marc Bangser.
Relevant articles May 2018 Articles of interest from around the web.
Spotlight on Missy Greathouse, Child Law Section Council member By Tracy Weaver October 2018 An interview with Missy Greathouse, a member of the section council.
Spotlight on Tracy Weaver, 2017-18 Child Law Section Council chair By Mary F. Petruchius October 2018 An interview with the Child Law Section's ex-officio, Tracy Weaver
Tips for representing stepparents in uncontested adoption cases By Mary F. Petruchius May 2018 As a private practitioner, you may be retained to represent your client in an uncontested adoption matter. This article outlines the basic procedures for doing so.