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2011 Articles

Adoption code changes affecting access to birth certificates By Kimberly L. Dahlen & Ayla N. Ellison August 2011 Beginning November 15, 2011, any adopted adult or surrendered person, who was born in Illinois on or after January 1, 1946, may complete and file a request for a non-certified copy of an original birth certificate.
Best interests and presumptions circa 2011 By Elizabeth Chacko February 2011 While the courts now utilize the best interests of the children standard when determining custody, the age and sex of the children and the sex of the party can be a factor considered by the courts in determining custody. But to what extent and how much emphasis should the court place on this factor?
Bullying Prevention Task Force: Schools need overall transformation By Jennifer Kolbusz June 2011 While a notable increase in media reports has sky-rocketed the bullying problem into the national spotlight, a recent legislative report, completed March 1, 2011, takes aim at ensuring Illinois and its schools effectively combat this age-old problem.
A case law overview for child custody disputes in civil union dissolutions By Sean McCumber November 2011  A brief case law overview of custody and visitation issues for non-biological parents.
Changes to consent requirements in the Adoption Act By Kimberly L. Dahlen August 2011 The revised procedures and forms in the statute must be followed to ensure that an adoption is properly finalized.
Child Law Attorney Profile: Bartlett Joseph Carroll Jr. By Paul B. Novak November 2011 Learn more about B.J. Carroll, former Assistant Public Defender of the Lake County Public Defenders’ Office assigned to the Juvenile Court as a Guardian ad Litem.
Child law attorney profile: Carolynne Paulsen By Alecia Wartowski June 2011 Get to know more about child advocate Carolynne Paulsen.
Family Matters: Preparing leaders, cultivating connections and illuminating choices for 24 years in the North of Howard community February 2011 Since its inception in 1987, the mission of Family Matters has been to partner with the North of Howard community in northeast Rogers Park to develop leadership that facilitates positive social change.
Letter from the Chair By Alecia Wartowski November 2011 A message from Child Law Section Chair Alecia Wartowski.
Letter from the Chair By Alecia Wartowski August 2011 A note from Child Law Section Chair Alecia Wartowski.
Looking for family after the adoption By Catherine M. Ryan August 2011 Where does an attorney find help for a client who is seeking birth family information or personal information after the adoption has been accomplished?
Parenting time in Illinois: The trend towards equal time By Mark Simons February 2011 Restraint should be used when negotiating and entering split-time parenting time orders.
Prevention programs for youth at risk: What time of day? By Catherine M. Ryan June 2011 The recent report from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention provides the tay of day patterns for juvenile offenses.
Recent adoption legislation By Linda S. Coon August 2011 Read about the recent legislation that amends the Illinois Adoption Act.
Restoring parental rights and adoption by former parent: First case under new Illinois statute completed By Linda S. Coon August 2011 The process established by the law applies to situations in which children have been adopted through DCFS by a relative, and that relative has died or has become disabled and is unable to provide care for the children and consents to the adoption by the former biological parent.
Update: Against the best interest of children: Religious discrimination, civil unions, foster care and adoption By Linda S. Coon November 2011 A discussion of the reasons for the ISBA Child Law Legislation Subcommittee's opposition to a bill in the Illinois Senate that would have amended the Civil Union Act to allow "religious child welfare agencies" to discriminate under some circumstances.