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2001 Articles

Balancing the perspectives By Fran Stott June 2001 On one hand we have a deep understanding of the importance to the child of the family of origin.
Case law update: abuse/neglect/dependency By Kathryn Bischoff June 2001 Respondent father appeals termination of his parental rights.
Do children tell the truth? By Joy Rogers March 2001 The December 2000 death of Peggy McMartin Buckey serves as an occasion in which both attorneys and mental health professionals might take the opportunity to reflect on our understandings of how children perceive both truth and reality.
Establishing teen courts in local communities By Cindy Nelson October 2001 Diverting first time youth offenders to teen court can provide a number of benefits to the community which utilizes such a system.
From the chair By Kathryn Bischoff October 2001 When I got "notice" from our newsletter editor that one of my responsibilities this year as chair of the section council was to write a column for each newsletter I was excited.
From the chair By Ruth Gudino June 2001 This has been a very busy year for the section council. Juvenile Law is changing every day and we are diligently working on legislative issues, setting up our Internet Site, and cable programs.
GEE? No, GED! By Terrence M. Madsen October 2001 Consider the following two paragraphs from the same judgment of dissolution. The first paragraph appears under a section of the incorporated settlement agreement entitled "Maintenance."
Getting to know your council members March 2001 Kulmeet S. Galhotra is an assistant public defender currently assigned to the felony trial division of the Cook County Public Defender's Office.
Juvenile police officers—friend and foe By Terra Howard & Ruth Dan June 2001 The 1999 revisions to the Juvenile Court Act brought numerous changes to the courts that deal with juvenile delinquents.
Lee/Ogle/Dekalb Intervention System’s Advisory Board (LODIS) By Ellen Pauling October 2001 A chronic or habitual truant is a child subject to compulsory school attendance who is absent without valid cause for ten percent or more of the previous 180 regular attendance days.
Major court decisions By Kulmeet S. Galhotra June 2001 In an unanimous opinion released in May of this year, the Illinois Supreme delivered the latest pronouncement on the topic of environment injurious in the case of In re N.B., 191 Ill.2d 388, 730 N.E.2d 1086, 246 Ill.Dec. 621 (2000).
Major court decisions By Kulmeet S. Galhotra March 2001 The biggest juvenile delinquency case to come down in the recent past is a case that is also helpful to criminal defense lawyers.
Problems facing the juvenile justice system By Arlene Anderson March 2001 The juvenile court system is a relative recent invention; the first juvenile court was established in 1899 in Chicago, Illinois.
Students’ procedural due process rights before suspension or expulsion in Illinois Public Schools By Adam T. Dietrich June 2001 In Illinois, the power to discipline students in the public school systems is derived from the Illinois School Code, as promulgated by the state legislature in Chapter 105 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes (West, 1999)