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2003 Articles

Anticipatory neglect across state lines: What can a parent appeal? By Michael W. Raridon December 2003 A recent appellate case, In Re A.H., Jr., presents an unusual fact pattern and several unusual questions. Can neglect to one sibling allow the court to find another sibling neglected-even if the second child resides in another state, with a non-neglectful parent, and the minor was not even present when the alleged neglectful behavior took place?
Case law update By Ellen Pauling December 2003 Recent cases of interest.
Case law update By Ellen Pauling April 2003 State filed a petition against mother, seeking termination of her parental rights to five of her children.
Case law update By Janet Bend February 2003 State filed a petition against mother seeking termination of parental rights to her child.
Children’s Advocacy Centers of Illinois By Kathryn Beasley February 2003 The purpose of the Children's Advocacy Centers of Illinois is to support and promote Children's Advocacy Centers in Illinois in their efforts to provide child friendly locations to facilitate multidisciplinary team forensic interviews with child victims, to provide advocacy and support to victims and their non-offending family members and to provide the services needed to begin the healing process.
DCFS responds to allegations of prejudice against non-custodial fathers By Dixie Lee Peterson February 2003 Although Linda Perez's recent article "The varying degrees of diligence used in locating and notifying non-custodial father," Juvenile Justice, February 2002, exhibits intellectual dexterity, her analysis has overall an unjustifiably gloomy tenor concerning the prospects of locating and notifying non-custodial fathers.
From the Chair By Barb Delanois September 2003 Welcome to the new year of the Child Law Section Council. Serving the needs of the practitioners in Illinois Juvenile Courts in this capacity as chair of Juvenile Justice is a cherished honor.
From the chair By Betsy Clarke April 2003 The Child Law Section Council is in the middle of a very busy year.
Getting to know your Council members April 2003 Ellen Pauling has been the juvenile prosecutor in DeKalb County since 1989 and a council member since the early 1990s.
Hot topics in juvenile delinquency law By Kulmeet S. Galhotra September 2003 Only two major juvenile delinquency bills passed both houses of the 92nd general assembly and were signed into law.
Juvenile justice bills passed—Spring 2003 September 2003 8/12/03--The following bills passed the legislature this past spring. Most have been signed and some are waiting for the Governor's signature.
Lee/Ogle/DeKalb Intervention System’s Advisory Board (LODIS) By Ellen Pauling February 2003 This is a follow-up article to my October 2001, Vol. 14, No. 1 edition regarding the LODIS Program.
Legislation By Betsy Clarke April 2003 This has been an exciting year for juvenile justice legislation.
New direction for DCFS By Dixie Lee Peterson September 2003 Armed with a background forged from his leadership of the Task Force of the Governor studying DCFS, Director Bryan Samuels began his tenure by focusing on children listed as missing or runaways, dealing with the population of older youth, and addressing the over-representation of African American children in the system.
Redeploy Illinois By Betsy Clarke December 2003 Redeploy Illinois is now law-providing a plan to develop local incentive funding to reduce juvenile commitments to corrections.