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2016 Articles

CASA in Illinois By Lucas Seilhymer June 2016 Facts and information about CASA, an organization that places volunteer advocates in the court system with children who are victims of abuse and neglect.
Case updates By Danya A. Grunyk, Hilary A. Sefton, Leah D. Setzen, Victoria C. Kelly, Katie C. VanDeusen, & Heather M. White December 2016 Recent cases of interest to child law practitioners.
Critical changes in child-related domestic relations law By Hon. Michael Ian Bender, (Ret.) June 2016 On January 1, 2016, multiple legislative amendments to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act take effect. This article examines several critical changes in light of courtroom and litigation practice.
Ethical concerns for guardians ad litem By Leslie Wood December 2016 Though a party may request a GAL, only the court has statutory power to appoint a guardian ad litem. Depending on the type of case, a GAL appointment may be required by statute or local court rule, or may be appointed at the discretion of the court.
Illinois Legal Aid Online: Technology increases access to legal help and makes pro bono easy By Nicole Capretta September 2016 Legal Answers is an online portal for Illinois attorneys to provide limited scope legal advice to lower income Illinois residents about their civil legal issues.
The Indian Child Welfare Act: No clear Illinois guidance By Lisa Giese & Lindsay Michelle Jurgensen March 2016 It is crucial for Native American families, attorneys, and courts to understand the nuances of ICWA and its applicability in order to navigate child custody proceedings involving children of Native American descent.
A judge’s perspective on juvenile sentencing hearings By Hon. Robert J. Anderson December 2016 A look at some of the unique aspects of sentencing in delinquency cases from a judge’s point of view.
Mind your Ps and Qs: Some tips for interviewing kids By Michael W. Raridon September 2016 The author, a GAL with more than 27 years' experience, shares his ideas for how to serve the best interests of the children.
Notes from the Chair By Joanna Welles September 2016 A message from Child Law Section Chair Joanna Welles.
Proposed bill may provide future remedy in aftermath of embryo dispute By Bradford L. Bennett March 2016 HB 6273 seeks to provide guidance with the legal complexities commonplace for those using assisted reproductive technology as exemplified in Szafranski v. Dunston.
Report on Illinois Supreme Court’s Rules Committee Hearing on Proposed Rule to End Indiscriminate Shackling of Children By Elizabeth Clarke September 2016 The Rules Committee of the Illinois Supreme Court met  to review a proposal to end indiscriminate shackling of children in court. This is a national effort initiated by the National Juvenile Defender Center, and spearheaded in Illinois by the Illinois Justice Project.
Resources for children in domestic cases in Cook County and surrounding collar counties By Lisa Giese & Andrea Kmak December 2016 It is important that attorneys, the courts and families know of the recourses available to the children of this state.
Thoughts from the Chair By David M. House June 2016 A message from Section Chair David House as his term comes to a close.
Thoughts from the Chair By David M. House March 2016 A message from Chair David House.
Time to protect children during interrogation By Elizabeth E. Clarke March 2016 In this year, the 50th anniversary of Miranda, it’s time to acknowledge that children are incapable of “exercising their Miranda right” so the right to counsel must be automatic.
What’s it really like to be a child’s representative? In-depth perspectives from experienced GALs By Marc A. Bangser March 2016 Four experienced children's representatives share their wisdom and what they'd like to see changed about the system.