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2021 Articles

Brace for Impact: How the Department of Children and Family Services Should Adopt Federal Aviation Administration Investigation Procedures By Mary Kate Roesch March 2021 A look at the lessons the Department of Children and Family Services could learn from the Federal Aviation Administration.
Bring Your Clients Value and Don’t Get in Trouble Doing It By Angela Evans January 2021 A divorce attorney's approach to resolving a domestic relations problem is crucial to the future emotional and financial health of the family.
Can a GAL Obtain Information From Counselors or Not? By Ann R. Pieper January 2021 A look at whether a guardian ad litem may speak to a counselor after a court has ordered the litigants to obtain counseling.
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Case Summary: Leroy K.D. v. Nicole B. By Cristina Rizen October 2021 A summary and analysis of Leroy K.D. v. Nicole B.
Chair’s Column By Missy Greathouse October 2021 A note of welcome from the chair.
Co-Parenting During COVID-19 By Amy Silberstein January 2021 An overview of some new and unexpected co-parenting challenges as a result of COVID-19 and advice on how to handle them.
Compassion Fatigue: How to Stay Healthy When Working in Unhealthy Settings By Dr. Diana Uchiyama March 2021 An overview of compassion fatigue and practical tips for preventing it from happening to you.
DCFS Odds and Ends By Jared A. Giuffre March 2021 A brief summary of how to handle cases under the Juvenile Court Act and administrative cases with the Department of Children and Family Services.
Editor’s Note By Hon. Robert J. Anderson March 2021 A note from the editor, Hon. Robert J. Anderson.
First District Confirms that Child Rapist Does Not Have Parental Rights if Victim Mother Withdraws Her Consent By Kelly Thames Bennett October 2021 A summary and analysis of In re Parentage of D.S.
Guardian ad Litem/Child Representative/Attorney for the Child: Seeking Fees & the Likelihood of Payment By Lisa Dunn January 2021 A primer on how guardian ad litems should seek payment.
High Conflict Parenting Plans By Angela Evans January 2021 A parenting plan is an important document that will inevitably be referred to during difficult times.
Illinois Association of Court Appointed Special Advocates Update By Mari Christopherson March 2021 A look at how the Illinois court appointed special advocate network has grown and adapted during COVID-19.
The Illinois Bar Foundation Needs Your Help By Rory T. Weiler January 2021 The Illinois Bar Foundation, which assists fellow lawyers who have fallen upon hard times, has acted quickly to address the economic crisis that has resulted from COVID-19.
ISBA Launches Rural Practice Fellowship Program as Component of Rural Practice Institute By Daniel R. Thies & Lois J. Wood January 2021 In an effort to address the ongoing shortage of attorneys practicing in rural Illinois, the ISBA has launched the Rural Practice Institute Fellowship Program, which aims to connect rural and small-town law firms interested in hiring law clerks and associates with law students and newer attorneys desirous of practicing law in rural areas of Illinois.
Making the Best Case for Your Client in a Case With DCFS By January Stramaglia March 2021 Some basic measures to take when assisting clients whose cases include Department of Children and Family Services Investigations.
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Predicate Orders in Domestic Relations By Maria E. Barreiro January 2021 Tips for domestic reltaions practitioners who are retained on cases that require Special Immigration Juvenile Status findings.
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Update: Age of Protection in Illinois Extended from 18 to 21 By Hillary Richardson October 2021 Public Act 102-0259, signed into law on August 6, 2021, protects vulnerable youth ages 18-21 by allowing them to access Illinois courts in a way that complies with federal immigration law.
Supporting the Illinois Bar Foundation’s Lincoln Legacy Society By Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum, (ret.) January 2021 The Lincoln Legacy Society is the Planned Giving Program of the Illinois Bar Foundation, supporting the Foundation’s mission to administer access to justice programs throughout Illinois and offer financial aid to attorneys and their families during times of crisis.
A Virtual Pro Bono Opportunity to Help Those in Need By Michael G. Bergmann January 2021 Illinois Free Legal Answers is a virtual legal clinic where low-income Illinoisans can submit a question online to ask a pro bono lawyer for help with a civil legal issue.
‘What Can Be Given Can Be Taken Away’: In re Parentage of D.S. By Sean P. Sullivan October 2021 A summary and analysis of In re Parentage of D.S.
‘What Did She Know; And When Did She Know It?’: In re Z.L. By Sarah Holst Schryer March 2021 A summary and analysis of a recent juvenile abuse and neglect case, In re Z.L.