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The newsletter of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Law Office Management and Economics

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Newsletter Articles From 1999

Back to basics By Thomas J. Brannan November 1999 When was the last time you were completely caught up?....I mean, a clean desk, no files awaiting work or discovery, or research, and no telephone calls to return?
Concentrated law practice versus general practice By Thomas M. Keating November 1999 Years ago and fresh out of law school, I experienced the struggle that many lawyers go through in deciding how their career should develop.
Crazy times, crazy clients By Joseph Dailing June 1999 We stopped at six, and I noticed for the first time that he had not pushed a button, had not selected a floor. He was following me. I made a quick exit, and I stepped into the splendid marble foyer of Draka & Sweeney.
From the chair: the wisdom of Bill Gates By Paul Bernstein November 1999 Another message from the chair? Well, what confidence might the senior partner in your law firm, or you (if you are a solo practitioner) have in my introductory remarks to this newsletter? A bit, perhaps.
From the incoming chair By Paul Bernstein June 1999 As we approach the 21st century, we lawyers see more and more challenges to our positions in society and our professional opportunities.
“Good Start”: Finding legal management resources on the Internet By Debra L. Rhodunda and Alan R. Olson June 1999 It's easy to spend hours "surfing the Web." The Internet contains voluminous resources, on an accelerating variety of topics.
Legal forms for the consumer—challenge to the lawyer? By Maximilian M. Prusak November 1999 Recently, a client came into my office and told me that he had a health care power of attorney form and a living will form on his computer. He was going to print off a copy of each but decided to ask me my opinion before he did that.
Legal management consultant Ezra Tom Clark identifies six challenges facing lawyers By Roger L. Rutherford March 1999 The recent ISBA-sponsored seminar in Champaign-Urbana entitled "The Small but Dynamic Law Firm--Management, Marketing and Technology for the Year 2000," featuring legal management consultant Ezra Tom Clark from Mesa, Arizona, was worth the price of admission.
Managing a small firm general practice By Michael S. Froman March 1999 When your editor told me that he thought an article about small general practice law firm management would be useful to the readers of this newsletter, he turned to me and asked if I could write such an article.
Saving time and adding value: Assorted computer tidbits By Christopher J. Cummings March 1999 Open any law practice publication these days and you will find exhortations to lawyers to become computer literate.
The virtual law firm By Paul Bernstein June 1999 The virtual law firm is upon us. Basic to the virtual law firm is the use of Internet resources.
Working effectively: Team work with your office assistant October 1999 The bottom line in all businesses is getting the work done efficiently. Recently a very informal survey was made of law office assistants and their assigned attorneys.
Year 2000: Should lawyers be concerned? By Roger L. Rutherford March 1999 The question that I am asked most often by other lawyers who know of my interest in the Year 2000 problem ("Y2K") is: "Do lawyers truly have to be concerned about Y2K problems?"