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Newsletter articles from 2006

Are you ready for tsunami, a Katrina, fire or terrorists? By Thomas J. Brannan September 2006 Granted, in Illinois, we are unlikely to suffer the rampage of a Tsunami or a Katrina, but tornadoes are common to Illinois, potential for fires is a part of life, and terrorists may strike anywhere—in fact, your own personal terrorist could be a disenchanted client seeking revenge.
Law office management 101—Setting up your practice By Mary A. Corrigan September 2006 As a business attorney, I routinely advise clients on a variety of issues related to the start-up of their businesses.
Lawyers’ lives in balance: Developing your plan and tips for staying energized & productive By John W. Olmstead September 2006 I am often asked to help law firms design and implement strategic business plans. I also coach many solo and small firm attorneys in career as well as personal and professional life balance issues.