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The Bottom Line
The newsletter of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Law Office Management and Economics

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Newsletter Articles From 2005

Attracting business 101 By Donald E. Weihl January 2005 In the March, 1995 issue of The Bottom Line (Vol. 16, No. 3), an article appeared entitled "Rainmaking." The article included 10 suggestions in the form of practice tips for improving a lawyer's ability to attract business.
Back to basics: Tips to stay organized and productive throughout your work day By Christopher D. Oakes January 2005 Anything that prevents you from effectively achieving your daily goals makes you not only inefficient but robs you of billable time.
Backing up-The easy way By Maximilian M. Prusak June 2005 For people who have been around computers for a significant period of time, there is no need to explain the necessity of backing up data.
Exceptional client service in law firms: Analyzing and reporting your client satisfaction survey results By John W. Olmstead September 2005 You have completed your telephone or mail client survey campaign. Completed questionnaires are everywhere.
Exceptional client service in law firms: Developing your client service improvement plan By John W. Olmstead September 2005 Nothing is more important to your firm's future than exceptional client service. An effective client service improvement program is one of the most important marketing initiatives that a firm can undertake.
Exceptional client service in law firms: Tips for rewarding and recognizing employees By John W. Olmstead December 2005 By regularly rewarding and recognizing your attorneys and staff when they exhibit positive client service behaviors, rather than only noticing and commenting when they do something wrong, you help motivate them to keep up the good work and internalize the behavior.
Exceptional client service in law firms: Tips on creating a client-focused culture By John W. Olmstead December 2005 Why don’t lawyers embrace client service and realize that exceptional client service may be the most effective way of differentiating themselves from other lawyers and maintaining a competitive advantage?
How do you measure success? By Terry Rosenthal December 2005 All law firms have their own way to measure productivity, profitability and performance.
Improving the economics of your law practice: Quick tips for daily use By Carl R. Draper March 2005 The General Practice Section presented its annual update at the ISBA Midyear meeting in Chicago.
The labor and employment top 10 By Richard L. Samson September 2005 Employers face an ever-increasing thicket of laws and regulations governing their workplaces.
Law firm planning & design: Part 1 By Daniel G. Jay January 2005 During the course of 20 years of planning law offices, patterns are identified and analyzed. These patterns turn into valuable lessons for firms considering a relocation or renovation of their law offices.
Law firm planning & design: Part 2 By Daniel G. Jay March 2005 Part 2 of a three-part article designed to help attorneys in planning and designing their law firms.
Law firm planning & design: Part 3 By Daniel G. Jay June 2005 The conference center concept has profoundly changed how many firms greet and accommodate their visitors.
The organizational life blood for law firm profitability: Active coordinated communication By Dr. Thomas J. Venardos January 2005 A new generation of law firm lawyers need new tools to maximize profitability.
Social events-Planning the small office party By Jeffrey A. Rouhandeh March 2005 Some thoughts to consider if you're in charge of planning this year's office party.
The Swiss Inn Syndrome for lawyers By Donald E. Weihl June 2005 With the advent of computers and spreadsheet programs, the "Swiss Inn Syndrome" receives little or no attention in economics and accounting classes.
Using Outlook 2003 to organize your e-mail By Alan Pearlman December 2005 Did you ever take the time in your practice day to think about just exactly how much time you spend looking for those very elusive BUT important e-mails?