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The newsletter of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Law Office Management and Economics

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Newsletter Articles From 2014

Challenges facing cognitively impaired lawyers and their co-workers By Stephanie Tang December 2014 A look at the ethical guidelines presented by the ABA Model Rules and Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, the structure and standards of a legal malpractice claim, and a discussion of what other states have done to reduce exposure to malpractice risk.
Darwinism for your legal business By Steven Fretzin April 2014 In light of our current economic and business conditions, what would Darwin say about an attorney’s ability to survive in business today? Which species of lawyer will evolve and which will become extinct?
Developing a shoe-string marketing plan By Charles G. Wentworth June 2014 The author offers suggestions for marketing yourself and your practice for little or no money.
Five law firm marketing ideas for 2014 By John W. Olmstead April 2014 Five ideas that might be helpful in your 2014 planning.
Goal setting By Dan Breen December 2014 How to create challenging yet achievable goals for your office.
Hey, you—Stay out of the cloud By Charles Hutchinson September 2014 Are an attorney's files ever really secure in a cloud-based account?
Improving law firm profitability by using a corporate service provider as part of your client’s due diligence strategy By Michael Keenan June 2014 An overview of the role of the Corporate Service Provider and how it can help your firm become more profitable.
Insurance defense law firms: Strategies and best practices By John W. Olmstead March 2014 As law firms look for additional sources of revenue some have given thought to taking on insurance defense work. This article examines the issues to consider.
Internet marketing, part I – The law firm Web site By Michael Downey December 2014 The author provides useful guidance to help you establish or improve your firm’s Internet presence.
Law firm management roles—Management skills that an owner, managing partner, or administrator needs to have By John W. Olmstead June 2014 A discussion of the management functions that must be performed in every law form in order for it to be successful. 
Law firm management—Characteristics of successful law firms: Basic building blocks By John W. Olmstead June 2014 The author describes his Basic Building Blocks of Successful Law Firms.
Organizing your small firm or solo practice By Amber L. Mikula September 2014 In order to be prepared to start your own practice, you should start out by establishi an organizational plan, including staff job descriptions, policies and procedures, document control, and file checklists.
Outsourcing back office accounting to improve profitability By Mike Marget September 2014 A short list of benefits derived by law firms who have outsourced their daily accounting department services.
The power of Google By Nicole Sartori September 2014 To increase your chances of being found when a client is looking for your firm, and without costing you any money, the firm should have a Google+ page.
ScanSnapSV600…A touch of the button…But a contactless scanner? By Alan Pearlman September 2014 The author reviews this latest hardware—what he believes to be one of the best new scanner products on the market today.
Take charge of your own economy By Cynthia Sharp December 2014 The principles outlined in this article are geared toward those who do not have a sizable inheritance on the horizon or who are not yet financially independent. Although many will find the following six suggestions to be familiar, most have not applied them with persistence and consistency to their own lives.
Timesheets and billing tips By Kevin J. Stine March 2014 The author provides some thoughtful tips to help you draft successful timesheets, and a sample engagement letter to use as a guide.
Virtual assistance By Dan Breen April 2014 The author has compiled a handy list of a few options to consider when looking for out-of-office help.
Your second office: Choosing and marketing your next location By William S. Wilson March 2014 A look at the issues involved in opening either a fully-staffed or appointment-only second office.