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The newsletter of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Law Office Management and Economics

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Newsletter Articles From 2007

Document process: The competitive edge in the legal profession By Raymond Snyder January 2007 Law firms are beginning to realize the importance and value efficient document processes can provide.
“The Electronic Lawyer” ™: Seiko’s Smart Label Printers Bring Your Firm to the Future! By Alan Pearlman May 2007 At some point or another in the life of your law firm one of your staff is going to ask the ill-fated question, “Why can’t we just print one label to send this material out?
Law office management 102: Getting your financial house in order By Mary A. Corrigan May 2007 Every lawyer who has opened the doors to a new law practice quickly discovers the necessary evil of maintaining an accurate accounting system.
More on engagement letters By Donald E. Weihl May 2007 The focus of this article will be on language to be included in engagement letters to provide for advance waivers of conflicts of interest.
Practice transition By Mary A. Corrigan August 2007 Early in my career retirement was not something I thought about.
Scanning’s a snap with the Fujitsu ScanSnap! By Alan Pearlman May 2007 The days of talking about the paperless office have been here and gone—but one thing remains and that’s the fact that you need to have a good, reliable scanner to do the job for you!
Survival in turbulent times: Using a business plan to focus the small law firm By John W. Olmstead August 2007 In spite of today’s tough economy many small law firms are thriving and doing quite well organizationally and financially.
To lead or to manage By Maximilian M. Prusak January 2007 If your office is not acting as a team working for the same goal, try a little less management and a little more leadership.
Utilization of paralegals in Illinois: The secret to a more efficient and profitable law practice By Tom Higgins January 2007 In growing numbers, Illinois law firms have pursued the opportunity to hire a qualified paralegal in circumstances that may have dictated hiring a new associate in the past.
Why do we need performance reviews? By Steven C. Lindberg January 2007 What are performance reviews? Why do we need to have performance reviews? How often should I give performance reviews? What should a performance review contain?
Workshare does its share to secure your documents By Alan Pearlman August 2007 Although most law firms use massive deployments of traditional security solutions to lock down their office systems, networks and all of their stored content, most of them still struggle with the massive loads of shared electronic documents that flood their corporate network, the Internet, the e-mail system and all of their portable storage devices.