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The newsletter of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Law Office Management and Economics

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Newsletter Articles From 2011

Addition by deduction By Paul Shaheen September 2011 If employee benefits are becoming unaffordable, how does a firm maintain them? Or at least remain in the position to offer them? 
Bill for your value, not just your labor By Dan Breen April 2011 How do we stray from straight time billing when time is such an important part of our stock in trade?
The Checkpoint Flyer… The only way to travel! By Alan Pearlman September 2011 The Checkpoint Flyer laptop bag provides a variety of benefits for frequent travelers.
Does your voicemail irritate clients? By Donald E. Weihl September 2011 Some tips for creating the most effective voice mail messages.
Emerging issues for Illinois employers in wage and hour law By Richard L. Samson and Michael D. Ray September 2011 A list of issues that Illinois employers commonly face regarding wage and hour laws, and practical advice for minimizing liability and exposure in light of the burgeoning wave of related lawsuits.
Establishing a corporate giving program By Leonard W. Sachs April 2011 A look at Howard & Howard's corporate giving program, and some guidance for establishing your own.
Health care reform—Guidance and then some By Michael J. Powers April 2011 A look at those aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the related Health Care Education and Reconciliation Act of 2010 that are most important to employers who sponsor healthcare plans for employees.
How to laugh in the face of a data disaster By Alan Pearlman September 2011 A true story from the case chronicles of ETS Investigative Services of Wilmette, Illinois, a firm specializing in data security, recovery, forensics and investigation.
Law firm partner compensation By John W. Olmstead June 2011 Can compensation make a difference in a partner's motivation, performance, and contribution to the firm?
Law firm succession/Exit strategies: Practice continuation arrangements By John W. Olmstead June 2011 Lawyers must invest time and effort to find suitable successors for their firms and to create useful, equitable, practice continuation agreements.
Managing ourselves By Dan Breen June 2011 Because more and more attorneys will begin their legal career without a traditional business structure, it is important that we, as a profession, pay more attention to the business side of law.
Mentoring—what we have to do By Steven C. Lindberg April 2011 As more-experienced attorneys, it is our job, our professional obligation to teach the younger or more inexperienced members of the bar how to practice law.
Note from the Chair By Ira Azulay June 2011 An introduction from Section Chair Ira Azulay.
Professional liability claim exposures By Stephen G. Wilder June 2011 Every firm has a particular claim exposure profile based on the nature of its practice and its firm management practices and procedures. By understanding this profile, a firm can better identify and address the risks that may lead to claims against the firm.
Professional services and law practice growth patterns By William A. Price June 2011 The U.S. government collects a wide variety of statistics on employment, earnings, and employment dynamics in law practices and on other business advisory professions. These can give you a reasonably good idea of what the growth in numbers and in income has been in recent years.
Wherever you go…Never forget to take your Pulse! By Alan Pearlman September 2011 A review of the Livescribe Pulse Digital Smartpen, which creates digital copies of everything you write by hand while recording audio at the same time.