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The newsletter of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Law Office Management and Economics

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Newsletter Articles From 2001

Aba tech show highlights By Paul Bernstein August 2001 The ABA Tech Show in Chicago in March, 2001, for me, confirmed existing trends in law office automation and technology and provided visions of the near-future.
Bankruptcy Plus puts a plus in your practice! By Alan Pearlman August 2001 Around January of this year the administrative offices of the United States Courts made an announcement that they were going to amend the Official Bankruptcy Form 7, as approved by the Judicial Conference of September, 2000.
Editor’s note August 2001 Please note the following: as regular readers of this newsletter know, it has been a while since we have devoted as much of an issue to technology and products as this one.
Employer size—it really does matter: counseling the small business client By Richard L. Samson and Alan A. Satyr March 2001 Over the last quarter century, the "law of the workplace" has grown tremendously.
FinAlyst … a powerful money management utility By Alan Pearlman August 2001 Every now and then, a program comes along that makes working with money and management a little easier on our everyday lives.
Getting started on the road to getting organized By Paul Bernstein August 2001 The fact is that lawyers deal with so much information, that often we are in a panic when it comes to "unexpected," overlooked or forgotten deadlines and details (ours and others in our firm).
PHONEslips … your receptionist will love you for it! By Alan Pearlman August 2001 There is a scenario that is repeated daily in law offices around the world. Simply put, after a long day in court, attorneys go back to their offices to find an Empire-State Building-size stack of pink telephone messages, which call for attention and return phone calls that must be attended to.
Speech recognition software: try it—but don’t fire your secretary yet By Carl R. Draper March 2001 The introduction of personal computers came with the promise that computers would do routine tasks and free up valuable time for more important tasks. That promise may be realized sooner than we thought.
Technology: back to basics By Paul Bernstein March 2001 I started to practice law in 1959. Since the earliest days of lawyers until the 1960s, lawyers and law offices worked with non-electric typewriters and carbon paper.
West Works™ , West Workspace™ powered by Eroom™ technology and more from West Group— the future is here, today By Paul Bernstein August 2001 Since the beginning of law practice, lawyers have viewed their efforts as a profession and not a business.