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The newsletter of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Law Office Management and Economics

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Newsletter Articles From 2017

Accommodating the mobile employee By Alex Rechenmacher February 2017 Employers willing to take the leap and let their workers conduct business outside of the traditional office space need to make important accommodations for this newer, flexible work force.
Balancing litigation and transactional work By Ian Hoffenberg June 2017 In order to maintain competence and professionalism in both areas, there are many things to consider.
Best practices to impart to business owners By Mason Cole September 2017 Choosing a partner to embark on the challenge of launching a business should be approached similarly to finding a life partner.
Billing options By Amber Mikula May 2017 As clients seek more opportunities to save money, attorneys must become more flexible with billing options, in order to meet the needs of the clients.
Birthing the baby: Making sure your baby grows up healthy By Letisha Luecking Orlet February 2017 The author shares easy ways to grow your practice.
Case management systems By Gina Arquilla DeBoni May 2017 Author Gina Arquilla DeBoni shares her firm's experience using the Trial Works case management program.
Cutting costs, maximizing memberships and streamlining your practice By Elisha S. Deen December 2017 This article highlights the many small ways in which one can keep the costs of necessities down by using resources he or she already has or by simply doing a little price checking.
Dramatic and wide-ranging changes in the Chicago employment landscape By Mason Cole February 2017 A recent Department of Labor restriction provides all litigators and legal professionals a reason to review employment manuals with a fine-tooth comb.
Effective communication between attorney and assistant leads to better work product By Elisha S. Deen February 2017 Use these suggestions to make the most of your assistant's help.
Formulaw from IICLE By Alan Pearlman December 2017 In the practice of law, nothing can seem more tedious than the constant repetitive actions of legal forms, petitions and documents.
How to ethically and profitably refer personal injury clients By Dan Breen May 2017 A look at a few best practices to ensure that you are protected and stand to make money on your personal injury referrals.
Issues to consider when moving or opening a new law office By Amber Mikula June 2017 Some issues to consider include compliance with municipal requirements, developing or updating your marketing information, informing your client of your new contact information, and registering the changes with the appropriate licensing bodies or government agencies.
Law firm financial management: Practical tips and suggestions—Part 1 of a multi-part series By John W. Olmstead September 2017 Managing the firm’s finances is one of the most important management roles in a law firm.
Law Firm Succession/Exit Strategies: Small Firm Merger: A Case Study of a Solo Attorney that After Two Unsuccessful Attempts Took a Phased Approach to a Merger with a Small Sole Owner Practice By John W. Olmstead May 2017 What to consider when you begin to plan for the eventual succession and transition of a solo practice.
Lawyers in small firms and solo practice must understand technology that impacts the practice of law By Jonathan Nessler September 2017 The Illinois Supreme Court recently updated the Illinois Rules of Professional Responsibility to make it clear that, in order to provide competent representation, attorneys must keep up-to-date with relevant technology and relevant advancements in technology.
Lawyers need to blog By Alan Pearlman May 2017 A review of LexBlog, Inc., a company that will take all of the guesswork out of preparing and creating your legal blog.
Mentoring attorneys in a small law firm By Jeremy S. Karlin June 2017 New attorneys are the greatest and riskiest long-term investment a small law firm will make. Here are 10 suggestions on how best to mentor new attorneys to ensure the best return.
My head and my work are in the clouds— With ScanSnap Cloud By Alan Pearlman May 2017 Reviewer Alan Pearlman says, if you can only buy one new item for a law practice, you need ScanSnap Cloud.
The role of the office manager By Kerry M. Lavelle December 2017 The office manager needs to be an extension of the managing partner. His or her job is to serve as an absolute support mechanism and system for the managing partner.
Solo practice tips to remember By Letisha Luecking Orlet June 2017 Eight common-sense tips to help you be a better and more successful lawyer.
Systems, processes, and checklists all critically important to a successful law office By Kerry M. Lavelle June 2017 Imagine having a compelling and detailed checklist, or litigation handbook, specific to your firm’s “process” encompassing the local rules where every new attorney and attorney thereafter would need to understand in the process for litigation.
Taking care of your mental health By Nicole Sartori September 2017 Managing your law practice can leave you with little time and even more stress. That stress can be paralyzing, and can lead to anxiety, depression or a host of other mental health issues.
Tax basics for the new managing partner of the small firm By Amy Rupiper September 2017 A look at the various taxes a new managing partner will encounter and a proposal on how to best deal with theses taxes and their various reporting and payment obligations.
To invest or not to invest in online marketing By Dion U. Davi May 2017 You have to invest a certain amount of time and money to be relevant in the legal profession. The question becomes how much, and to arrive at the answer you have to determine your ultimate goal.
The value of mentoring By Kerry M. Lavelle December 2017 Mentoring a new attorney has multiple benefits for the young protégé, but also provides benefits for the senior attorney in his or her mentoring role.
What’s your succession plan? By Kerry M. Lavelle December 2017 There are basically four strategies to consider for a law firm succession plan: sell to colleagues; sell to a third party; liquidate the business and move on; or transition the business to family members.
When can I destroy my records? By Kevin J. Stine June 2017 In March 2017 the ISBA issued Advisory Professional Conduct Advisory Opinion 17-02 to help attorneys find a solution for this common question.
Working with the difficult client By Stephanie E. Greenberg February 2017 Follow these rules to save yourself a headache later on.