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The newsletter of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Law Office Management and Economics

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Newsletter Articles From 2016

Birthing the baby: Let’s get technical By Letisha Luecking Orlet October 2016 A few items to consider before opening your own shop.
Can you find it? By Donald E. Weihl June 2016 This article will show you how to create your own data system using a Microsoft Word program.
Cash flow management for contingent fee firms By Daniel M. Breen May 2016 Author Dan Breen shares the tools his firm uses to measure cash flow.
Demystifying strategic planning: Why do law firms plan? By Alex M. Rechenmacher June 2016 Set aside the necessary time to write a plan for your firm. Involve your stakeholders and prepare something that everybody can get behind, and your firm is then positioned to clearly speak to clients about why they should retain you for their legal needs.
Focusing on opening your own law practice By Dion U. Davi May 2016 The author shares what he's learned through common sense and trial and error.
Improving law firm profitability: Top 10 cost-cutting strategies By John W. Olmstead June 2016 You have to spend money to make money. So if cost cutting is the appropriate strategy, cut the right costs. Here are some ideas.
Law firm partner relations: The foundation of a successful firm By John W. Olmstead May 2016 Getting the right “partner dynamic”—and a positive partner relations culture—is the key ingredient and the core basic building block of a successful law firm. It is the foundation for the firm.
The law practice MBA By Kerry M. Lavelle October 2016 By measuring empiricle data about your firm, you can view the current economic state and make adjustments and plans for future success.
Should “free consultations” R.I.P.? By Nicole Sartori October 2016 Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of charging a consultation fee, one must consider the type of client they are seeking and the type of law they are practicing.
Should you merge with another law firm? By John W. Olmstead June 2016 While mergers can be a valid option, making them work is often another matter. Consider these tips before your firm makes the leap.
Smart phones in the workplace—Eating away at office efficiency By Kevin J. Stine October 2016 What reasonable boundaries should you set to ensure smart phones don't contribute to your firm's inefficiency?
Your next Web site: Going from a handful of ideas to a powerful business tool By Theresa Kuhl May 2016 A look at the most important steps and decisions you’ll face when it comes to getting a new Web site for your law practice.