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2020 Articles

The Changing Landscape of Digital Marketing: What Lawyers Need to Know By Greg Wildman January 2020 To understand the changes in digital marketing, it is important to know what your digital assets are and how these digital assets can increase your law firm’s value and ultimately drive your success on the internet.
Crisis Leadership By Steve Lindberg May 2020 Strong leadership is necessary to navigate your law firm through a crisis like COVID-19.
The Illinois Bar Foundation Needs Your Help By Rory T. Weiler November 2020 The Illinois Bar Foundation, which assists fellow lawyers who have fallen upon hard times, has acted quickly to address the economic crisis that has resulted from COVID-19.
Illinois Employers Now Required to Provide Anti-Harassment Training By Christina Hynes Mesco May 2020 The Workplace Transparency Act, signed into law in August 2019, requires that Illinois employers, regardless of size, provide annual sexual harassment prevention training to all employees.
Law Firm Financial Management—Practical Tips and Suggestions: Part 3 of a Multipart Series By John W. Olmstead January 2020 Practical tips for effective law firm financial management.
Law Practice Management Software Overview By Antwan M. Williams & Cheryl A. Morrison May 2020 A good practice management software package can reduce unnecessary stress and improve overall efficiency for client and case management
Making Remote Only Work: Transforming the Physical to Digital Workplace By Charles Lee Mudd, Jr. May 2020 Tips for navigating telecommuting during COVID-19.
Supporting the Illinois Bar Foundation’s Lincoln Legacy Society By Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum, (ret.) November 2020 The Lincoln Legacy Society is the Planned Giving Program of the Illinois Bar Foundation, supporting the Foundation’s mission to administer access to justice programs throughout Illinois and offer financial aid to attorneys and their families during times of crisis.
A Virtual Pro Bono Opportunity to Help Those in Need By Michael G. Bergmann November 2020 Illinois Free Legal Answers is a virtual legal clinic where low-income Illinoisans can submit a question online to ask a pro bono lawyer for help with a civil legal issue.
What Do Taxes Have to Do with My Case? The Importance of Tax Planning for Litigators By Natalie Lorenz January 2020 Income tax consequences can significantly impact your clients’ take-home dollars resulting from litigation, but proper planning can influence settlement negotiations and can assist in obtaining judgments with favorable tax treatment.