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The newsletter of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Law Office Management and Economics

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Newsletter Articles From 2015

10 areas to explore when you’re thinking of going solo By Anna P. Krolikowska June 2015 The solo life is not for everyone. You’ll work as hard as any lawyer in one of the top-tier firms for a paycheck that may or may not measure up. So what exactly does it take to create and build a small law firm?
31 ways to dramatically increase trust By Trey Ryder December 2015 Make sure your actions build your credibility, ideally, to the point where your clients trust you without question.
Birthing the baby By Letisha Luecking Orlet December 2015 The first in a multi-part series of articles that will address the factors to consider when deciding whether or not to go solo.
Consent judgments for payment of attorney fees By Shannon L. Bradford September 2015 Although lawyers should seek out good clients, good cases, and efficient procedures, nonpaying clients are inevitable. The author provides sample consent judgments, which may provide an efficient solution to the problem.
Don’t forget yourself By Philip E. Koenig September 2015 Some suggestions for lawyers as they consider updating their own estate plans.
Ethics considerations for Illinois attorneys serving on non-profit boards By Dan Ebner June 2015 This article identifies the key ethics rules related to attorneys serving on nonprofit boards, discusses the different roles an attorney-board member can have, and analyzes conflicts issues in detail.
How my Internet phone made my life easier By Sarah Toney September 2015 The author shares her experience with using VOIP in her office.
Internet marketing, part II—Search-engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising By Michael Downey April 2015 A discussion of the two types of Internet marketing and the legal ethics issues with each.
Law firm succession & exit strategies—Firm size and impact upon strategies By John W. Olmstead June 2015 A look at how the size of the firm can impact the experience it will likely face during retirement succession, transition, and exit challenges.
Law firm succession & exit strategies—Transitioning client relationships and management roles By John W. Olmstead April 2015 A look at transitioning clients and managerial roles—the two critical components of any succession/exit plan.
Law firm succession and exit strategies: Coming to terms with aging By John W. Olmstead June 2015 Retirement means identifying and having more time to do what you love most. This article provides some ideas for making the difficult transition.
My former client called and wants his file—What do I have to give him? By Joseph Harvath September 2015 The question of whether a client is entitled to receive his or her file relating to the representation by an attorney is a fact specific question, depending on the types of documents sought, whether the attorney has a lien on the property, and whether the attorney should exercise the lien.
Observations of an old country lawyer: The subject line (or, way too much e-mail…) By Edward T. Graham April 2015 Some thoughts on staying organized in our techno-centric world.
Outsourcing By Amber L. Mikula December 2015 At some point, most firms consider outsourcing some of the business part of the firm, so they can focus on practicing law. Areas to consider outsourcing include Web site management, marketing, accounting, and employee searches.
ScanSnap iX100…A small BUT more-than-mighty scanner for everywhere you go! By Alan Pearlman April 2015 A review of the features of this latest iteration of mobile scanner.
Trapped in an insurance defense practice? Two strategic approaches By John W. Olmstead June 2015 Insurance defense firms face challenges that are quite different than those faced by other law firms.
What is a blawg and why should you care? By Nicole Sartori September 2015 Why should you write a legal blog or 'blawg,' as the tech guys call it? Because it can generate leads, establishes you as a leader in your field among your colleagues, and it can be a stress reliever.