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The newsletter of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Law Office Management and Economics

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Newsletter Articles From 2008

Best kept secrets By Paul Shaheen September 2008 No matter the size of your practice, be it solo, big or small, attorneys and law firms often struggle with the taxing issue of how to best protect what is arguably your most invaluable asset: your ability to earn an income.
Clarification of liability for business owners for breach of fiduciary duty claims for 401(k) plans By Mary A. Corrigan September 2008 Business owners who offer their employees a 401(k) plan have always faced potential liability for actions they take or fail to take in connection with the plan.
Cross-selling legal & other professional services: Ideas for improving the odds for cross-selling success By John W. Olmstead September 2008 Cross-selling can be an effective strategy—but it is not easy and it requires trust, commitment, communication, hard work, dedication, and organizational alignment.
Cutting the pie: Determining partner compensation By John W. Olmstead April 2008 Many law firms are struggling with compensation systems that no longer meet the needs of the firm and the individual partners. Failure to explore alternatives to failing systems often result in partner dissatisfaction leading to partner defections and disintegration of the firm.
Do you want to know how you can enhance your relationship with your top-tier clients? Why not ask them? By John W. Olmstead June 2008 As you well know, your top-tier business and other institutional clients often represent 20 percent of your clients and 80 percent of your business and fee revenue.
Immigration-related raids: Employer rights and lawful responses By Kristin Lopez June 2008 The key to minimizing civil penalties and criminal prosecution in connection with immigration raids is knowing how to respond and knowing what rights an employer has. This information is intended to give general guidelines about employer rights when faced with an unannounced immigration raid and is not a substitute for legal advice.
Navigating an unemployment claim By Melissa Schroeder and Lisa Collins May 2008 The purpose of this article is to provide the general practitioner with a primer on procedures pertaining to the Illinois Department of Employment Security, unemployment hearings and the issues that surround them when terminating an employee.
Navigating the Employment Eligibility Verification Process (Form I-9) By Kevin Raica May 2008 This article clarifies the I-9 process and provides you with a step-by-step guide to I-9 completion.
The no match letter—What employers need to know By Kevin Raica and Brent Wikgren June 2008 This article guides employers through the no-match process by explaining the role of the SSA in issuing the no-match letter, the reasons for issuance of a no-match letter, and the timing and required response from employers under the current and proposed rules.
Recent statutory developments in Illinois labor & employment law By Richard L. Samson and Matthew Levine April 2008 This article discusses the amendment to the amendment to Illinois’ Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act, as well as most Illinois laws passed over the last several years affecting the employee-employer dynamic.
Resolutions for 2008 By Mary A. Corrigan April 2008 Although 2008 is already underway, it is not too late to implement some resolutions for improvement of your law practice.
Use guest articles to promote your practice: Turn research and results into story topics By Geri L. Dreiling September 2008 When a lawyer gets a great result, devises a winning strategy, tackles an old issue with a 21st-century twist or develops an approach that helps avoid a legal minefield, the client benefits.
Using a home office and virtual workers: Our firm’s experience By Peter R. Olson May 2008 What’s the worst decision the author has made related to his law firm since its founding? Paying rent for a Chicago Loop office he didn’t need and hardly ever used.
You want it when? By Donald E. Weihl September 2008 Specific strategies that will permit breathing room without causing the client to feel the attorney is being unresponsive.
You’re on your own: Risk management tips for running a small firm or going solo By Paul Shaheen June 2008 Compared to running a large firm, managing a small firm or solo practice can be entirely distinct.