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The newsletter of the ISBA's Standing Committee on Law Office Management and Economics

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Newsletter Articles From 2004

Asked and answered By John W. Olmstead October 2004 A successful law firm competitive strategy requires effective law firm management.
Back it up-A practical approach to computers, data storage and backup systems By Carl R. Draper January 2004 With the ever-increasing costs of office operations coupled with the explosive growth of documentation in legal matters, maintaining control of information has challenged law firms of all sizes. Storage of paper alone is a major expense and administrative headache.
Business continuity plan essential ‘insurance’ for law firms By Tim Akers June 2004 Every law firm's worst nightmare is a disruption that makes it virtually impossible to conduct business as usual.
Cutting the pie: Determining partner compensation By John W. Olmstead April 2004 Many law firms are struggling with compensation systems that no longer meet the needs of the firm and the individual partners. Failure to explore alternatives to failing systems often result in partner dissatisfaction, leading to partner defections and disintegration of the firm.
Dealing with emotionally distraught and irate clients By Jeffrey A. Rouhandeh January 2004 The business of law is service-oriented. This means you deal with people on a one-to-one basis just like a retailer or plumber.
The DOs and DON’Ts of marketing a small law firm By Richard L. Migala April 2004 A long-term strategic marketing plan is essential to producing a financially successful practice that will continue to provide profit throughout our professional career.
First impressions have big impacts By Carl R. Draper January 2004 When the new prospective client walks in your office, what is the first impression? What do they see and hear as they sit in the reception area, on the way to your office, and in your office? The answer may not be obvious. An "impression audit" is in order for most offices.
The making of a 21st century law firm By Laura Leckrone October 2004 By implementing strategic management practices, firms can take hold of the changing market and better compete in today's economy.
Mentoring associates By Donald E. Weihl April 2004 Watching new associates receive notice that they have passed the bar examination is a lesson in joy for the lawyer who wants to help those new lawyers cultivate the skills that will earn a permanent place in the firm
More on engagement letters By Donald E. Weihl October 2004 In the October, 2002 issue of The Bottom Line (Vol. 24, No. 1), a number of suggestions and examples of appropriate subject matter for engagement letters were discussed.
A moving experience By Maximilian M. Prusak June 2004 Recently, our firm, consisting of four attorneys, two paralegals, three secretaries, a bookkeeper and a file clerk, had to find a new "home."
My favorite software- and it will be yours, too! By Paul Bernstein January 2004 Don't you wish you could securely access the computer in your office at any time and from any place in the world, without the need to carry your laptop or notebook computer with you everywhere you go, without needing expensive and complicated software and without being a technology "superstar"?
Seven communication styles that can improve law firm performance and enhance firm profitability By Dr. Thomas J. Venardos October 2004 Assessing yourself and having others in the office assess you on the above communication strategies can provide you with valuable information about your communication effectiveness.