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1999 Articles

Changes in Illinois wage deduction law By Michael M. Durr April 1999 On January 1, 1999, the Illinois wage deduction statute (735 ILCS 5/12-801, et seq.) was amended by the General Assembly.
Children’s assistance programs October 1999 Over lunch one day at the Hickory Pit Restaurant, a good friend and colleague, John Fallon, told me about an organization that he actively supports and the inspiring story its founder, Ann Deuel. Ms. Deuel, guided by a divine sense of purpose, established Jamal Place, Inc., a not-for-profit agency established for children to provide therapeutic group home care for behavior disordered and socially or emotionally disturbed preteen and adolescents.
Civil litigation practice reminder: Workers’ compensation lien and proceeds from uninsured/underinsured policies By Mark Brown May 1999 Your client was in an automobile accident while in the course of working for his employer.
Counseling insurance producers on the potential perils of insurance check-up programs By Christopher J. Ondrula January 1999 In recent years insurance producers seeking to maintain and/or increase business may unknowingly be placing themselves in a risky situation.
Differences between two causes of action in tort: Attorney malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty By Jim Xu May 1999 The number of suits against lawyers has been increased significantly over the last decade.
Foreclosure of residential mortgages By Kyle Rominger April 1999 Foreclosing a residential mortgage consists of four main steps. First, a complaint is filed against all parties with an interest in the property. Second, a judgment of foreclosure against those parties is obtained.
Have you always wanted to be a published writer? January 1999 Well, here's your chance. The YLD Council is accepting articles for publication in the YLD newsletter.
Integrity, honor, duty By Thomas W. Burkart January 1999 A free and civilized society depends for its survival on the peaceful, nonbarbaric resolution of disputes before impartial, unbiased tribunals.
Investing with an expert in today’s volatile market By Celia G. Gamrath January 1999 I recently spoke to Jane G. Doyle, a financial advisor and retirement planning specialist with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, to discuss investment strategies for young lawyers in today's volatile market. Here is some of what Jane had to say.
Living trusts as a means to save estate taxes and avoid probate By Eric D. Anderson & Steven W. Rausch March 1999 This article is meant to familiarize practitioners with the use of living trusts as a means to save estate taxes and avoid probate.
Minutes of division council meeting May 1999 A. Law Day--Devon brought up the idea of having a meeting before the CLE program at the Chicago office.
Minutes of division council meeting March 1999 Justices Scalia, Ginsburg, and O'Connor were discussed as names for speakers.
Minutes of division council meeting January 1999 Valerie Perera discussed the Bridge the Gap Program with the council. Ritchie addressed the importance of the YLD Council in attending the Bridge the Gap Program and afterward answering questions of the admittees.
Protecting your domain name: The trademark dilution solution By Orrin S. Shifrin & Nicole Nehama Auerbach April 1999 In our cruise along the information superhighway, we will inevitably encounter a few bumps in the road.
The protection of computer software in the European Community By Jim Xu August 1999 Adequate protection of intellectual property requires the recognition or protection of a specific property right and an effective enforcement mechanism for that property right.
Serving process through the Secretary of State: An overview By Phillip J. Piscopo October 1999 In order to obtain jurisdiction over the person of a defendant, proper service of summons is required. Allied American Ins. Co. v. Mickiewicz, 124 Ill. App. 3d 705, 80 Ill. Dec. 282, 464 N.E.2d 1112 (1984).
Sexual harassment in Illinois employment By Nicole Vercruysse August 1999 The Illinois Human Rights Act1 and Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act2 are the two bodies of law used to address sexual harassment in employment throughout Illinois.3
Spring cleaning—A dozen pointers for purging files By Scott Mittman March 1999 The ABA and others who issue ethical rules tell you that you don't have a general duty to keep all files forever and ever.
YLD announces elder program and receives award from the ABA April 1999 At the Midyear Meeting in Los Angeles this February, LaRhonda Barnes, chair of the ABA YLD announced that the ISBA YLD won a $2,000 grant from the ABA Fund for Justice and Education.
YLD attends U. of Illinois basketball game April 1999 On January 30, 1999, the ISBA YLD and the Champaign County Bar Association hosted a pre-game tailgate party at Jillian's in Champaign for area YLD members.
Your partner in practice—the Illinois State Bar Association By Robert E. Craghead October 1999 It's not just your father's state bar association any more. Or your mother's.