2022 Articles

At the Fork in the Road—Return to the Office and Work From Home? By Kayla McKinnon October 2022 Will the hybrid model of work be the new norm in the post-pandemic workplace?
Changes to 430 ILCS 65 (FOID Statute) By Rahnesha C. Williams February 2022 An overview of recent modifications and additions to the Firearm Owner's Identification Card Statute.
A Conversation With the Chair By Matthew Chimienti May 2022 A conversation with Judy Conway, the outgoing chair of the Young Lawyers Division.
Criminal Defense and the Virtual Courthouse: Challenges for New Attorneys By Kenet Weed February 2022 The transition to remote proceedings and the rise of the Zoom courtroom hasn’t always been smooth and the addition of previously unfamiliar technology has brought its own set of challenges for even experienced lawyers.
Development of Technology and Younger Attorneys By Edward Wasilewski November 2022 With the advancements of technology, younger attorneys, who tend to be skilled in technology, may have an advantage over their older coworkers.
Digitally Time Travel With the WayBack Machine By Tim Meloy March 2022 The WayBack Marchine can be a resource for lawyers who are interested in scrutinizing the digital footprint of a client, an adversary, or a third party. 
Eight Tips for Starting Your Own Law Practice By Marie Sarantakis April 2022 Tips to consider when starting your own law firm.
The Elimination of Cash Bail and Effect on Civil Procedure By Nicholas Correll October 2022 In February of 2021, Illinois became the first state in the country to abolish cash bail payment for jail release for people who have been arrested and are waiting for their case to be heard.
Estate Planning for Millennials: Wills, Wills, Wills By Priya Thennarasu March 2022 Basic considerations to begin drafting a will.
Filing Under Seal in Federal Court: A Suggestion for Reform By Daniel R. Thies February 2022 In Illinois, motions to seal must be filed before or simultaneously with the main filing to which it relates—but is there a different set of rules that might provide a more rational framework?
Five Benefits of Your ISBA Membership in Your First 5 Years of Practice By Kenneth Matuszewski May 2022 Five things all young lawyers can do with the ISBA in their first five years of practice to grow and set themselves apart.
From the Inside looking Out: An In-House Perspective By Susannah Price November 2022 Four considerations for law students and young lawyers considering a future as an in-house lawyer.
How to Find an Expert By Rachel Ellen Simon February 2022 Getting the right expert can be critical in understanding and persuasively presenting your case. But how do you go about finding one?
How to Network Effectively During COVID Times By Genevieve Niemann February 2022 Strategies for effective networking in a remote world.
Is a Physical Office Needed in This Age of Remote Work? By David White January 2022 With COVID-19 drastically changing the methods in which attorneys provide services to their clients, it is important to consider the pros and cons of various workspaces to decide which is the best fit for you.
Key Distinctions Between Discovery and Evidence Depositions in Illinois By Gregory R. Jones April 2022 A look at the key distinctions between discovery depositions and evidence depositions.
The Life of a Personal Injury Case From the Plaintiff’s Perspective: From Intake Through Resolution By Bruno Marasso April 2022 The life of a case in three phases: (1) pre-lawsuit; (2) lawsuit; (3) post judgment/settlement.
The Micro-Elephant in the Courthouse By Trent Cameron April 2022 Advice for dealing with micro-aggressions.
The Myth of Work-Life Balance By Rebecca Hausman February 2022 Work-life balance should be thought of as more of a cycle than an accomplishment.
Onboarding to New Areas of Law Without Breaking the Bank By Carlos F. Cisneros-Vilchis October 2022 Tips and tricks for finding free or low-cost ways to get CLE credit.
Pandemic Brain Fog and the Importance of Written Records By Dane Nelson March 2022 Methods for battling brain fog.
Powers of Attorney for Health Care in the Age of COVID-19 By Sarah LeRose March 2022 Many agents named in powers of attorney for health care documents are unaware of the responsibilities bestowed upon them and the standards they are held to under the law.
Preview of the Annual Meeting By Alisha Sheehan May 2022 An overview of what's to come at the 2022 ISBA Annual Meeting.
Put in the Prep Time: Four Items to Complete on Your To-Do List Before Starting a New Job By Kenneth Matuszewski September 2022 Tips to start the next chapter of your career journey on the right foot, whether you will be remote or in-office.
Rural Practice Initiative Aims to Encourage New Lawyer Growth in Underserved Counties By Joe Souligne January 2022 The ISBA is working to address the problem of the shortage of attorneys in rural areas of Illinois through its Rural Practice Fellowship Program. 
Snow and Ice Removal in a Frozen COVID World By Daniel C. Katzman March 2022 A brief refresher of the Illinois law on snow and ice removal.
Tips for Sharing the Road With Semi-Tractor Trailers During Chicago’s Winter Months By John Steigauf January 2022 Tips to stay safe when navigated icy, snow-covered roads.
Top 10 Takeaways From the ISBA’s 2022 Solo & Small Firm Conference By Christine Hunt November 2022 Ten key takeaways from the ISBA's Solo & Small Firm Conference.
Top 5 Benefits of ISBA Membership for Young Lawyers By Hannah R. Lamore September 2022 As the premier bar association in the state, the Illinois State Bar Association provides its members with countless benefits—some of particular interest to young lawyers.
Top Five Ways to Improve Productivity in the New Year By Kayla M. Hickey February 2022 Tips and tricks for improving productivity.