2001 Articles

Calling all government attorneys January 2001 The ISBA's Standing Committee on Government Lawyers wants to include you in its constituency. Historically, neither the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission nor the Illinois State Bar Association has maintained data with respect to those attorneys engaged in government practice.
Carl W. Gilmore: “Happy” to be the 2001 ISBA Downstate Young Lawyer of the Year By Chris S. Haaff December 2001 My involvement with the Illinois State Bar Association began soon after starting law school at the University of Illinois College of Law in August 1994.
Domestic Violence Clinic Sponsors Advocate Training Program December 2001 On July 13, 2001, the Domestic Violence Clinic at the Southern Illinois University School of Law, in conjunction with the Young Lawyers Division of the Illinois State Bar Association, sponsored a domestic violence advocate training seminar at the law school in Carbondale, Illinois.
How will certification affect young lawyers? By Anthony J. Jacob January 2001 Your ISBA is currently considering whether to implement a certification program for estate planning, trust and probate lawyers.
Important eavesdropping update By Celia G. Gamrath April 2001 In the last issue of the YLD Newsletter, we published an article titled "The Law on Eavesdropping."
Marty Castro Creates Footsteps Worth Following By Javier Zamora December 2001 As a successful attorney, leader, and inspiration to young and seasoned lawyers alike, Martin R. Castro ("Marty") has had an appreciable impact on others and his community.
The medical malpractice health professional’s report By Laura Caldwell January 2001 Section 2-622 of the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure provides that the plaintiff's attorney in any medical malpractice action must attach to her complaint both an affidavit certifying that she consulted with a qualified health care professional who believes there is a reasonable and meritorious cause for the filing of the case and a copy of that health professional's written report setting forth the reasons for his determination. 735 ILCS 5/2-622 (West 1999).
Motions for continuance: grounds and factors By Lawrence W. Terrell December 2001 A continuance is defined as an adjournment by order of court of a cause from one day to another or from one hour to another.
Opening your own law practice By Kimberly J. Anderson April 2001 I opened up my own practice in October. I went through a myriad of emotions, from the cold night sweats to the exhilaration of having my own practice.
Post-decree matters: “I’m dead, and I don’t know what to do” By Kimberly J. Anderson April 2001 These words were spoken to volunteer Janice Boback at the Daley Center when she worked at the Post-Decree Help Desk sponsored by the Chicago Bar Foundation a couple of weeks ago.
Profile of the 2001 ISBA Chicago Young Lawyer of the Year: Anita M. Bolaños By Celia G. Gamrath December 2001 Anita M. Bolaños n/k/a Ventrelli was named the ISBA's Young Lawyer of the Year from Chicago for many, many reasons.
Risk Management Techniques in the Prevention of Malpractice By Lisa M. Sommer December 2001 Lawyers can increase the quality of the legal services they provide and at the same time reduce the risk of possible claims brought against them by following some basic legal and ethical principles.
Rule 213—disclosure of opinion testimony By Eric Long January 2001 Since 1996, attorneys have been lulled into a belief that Illinois Supreme Court Rule 213(g) would alleviate the problems with pretrial disclosure of expert witnesses.
Willful and wanton conduct in Illinois—two categories impact contributory negligence and contribution By Donald P. Shriver April 2001 A red flag should fly in the mind of any attorney dealing with willful and wanton jury instructions where contributory negligence or contribution may come into play.