2005 Articles

8th Annual Holiday Party to be held in December By Gregg A. Garofalo October 2005 This year’s 8th Annual Holiday Party sponsored by the Young Lawyers Division of the Illinois State Bar Association and the Illinois Bar Foundation will be held December 2, 2005 at Joe’s On Weed Street from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (more information can be found at www.holidayparty.org).
Creating a case theme that resonates with jurors By Vicki Kunkel August 2005 It was as close to an open-and-shut case as you could get. A small Florida county was being sued by a driver for negligence.
Cross-oceanic etiquette By Gloria Petersen August 2005 Cultural nuances and behaviors are as numerous as the peoples inhabiting the Earth. Be sure you have been briefed on the country and people you will be visiting.
Design your client agreement as a legal and marketing document By Trey Ryder August 2005 Don't underestimate the importance of your agreement as both a legal and marketing document. Because if prospects aren't comfortable with your agreement, they may not sign it--and all your prior legal marketing efforts have been for naught
Do ISBA members lead better lives? June 2005 Have you ever said to yourself, "Wow, that lawyer is always prepared, amazingly confident, and even dresses exceptionally well-I wonder what her secret is!"
Effective jury waiver in criminal proceedings By Anthony Zecchin June 2005 The scope of this article is limited to jury waiver in criminal matters, i.e., misdemeanors and felonies, although "offense" is broadly defined as "a violation of any penal statute of this state." 725 ILCS 5/102-15.
Effective jury waiver in criminal proceedings By Anthony Zecchin April 2005 The scope of this article is limited to jury waiver in criminal matters, i.e., misdemeanors and felonies, although "offense" is broadly defined as "a violation of any penal statute of this state."
Five ways to make your client feel important By Trey Ryder February 2005 Often, clients change law firms because of what they perceive to be rudeness or the feeling of indifference by their lawyers.
From the Chair By Dennis J. Beninato December 2005 I hope this second edition of our 2005-2006 YLD newsletter finds you well.
From the Chair By Dennis J. Beninato October 2005 2005-2006 promises to be a busy and productive year for the members of the ISBA Young Lawyers Division Council.
Gala 2005 to honor Quinlan October 2005 The Illinois Bar Foundation will celebrate its 7th Annual Gala on Friday, October 14 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago.
Getting and keeping clients By John L. Nisivaco February 2005 The Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct contain three rules governing advertising in the legal profession. The rules are set forth below
Getting the most from your expert witness: Experience and credibility are not enough for the jury to believe your witness By Vicki Kunkel April 2005 Your expert witness has an impressive resume. He is a nice guy. He is well known and respected in his field. He is confident. But is this the same impression he will send to the jury?
Help stop UPL: Read the Spreck case June 2005 Many members have contacted the ISBA legal department to discuss unauthorized practice of law issues.
The importance of mentoring By Justin Heather August 2005 Mentoring is essential to both the good practice of law and the future of the legal profession.
ISBA Inaugural Golf Classic update By Gina M. Arquilla October 2005 Eight years ago, Franco Coladipietro (former YLD chair), Frank DiVito (former YLD chair), and Scott Guetzow recognized and appreciated a growing concern in our courthouses.
ISBA Law Student Division prepares for another great year By Chris S. Haaff & Robert Fink October 2005 The ISBA Law Student Division has started working on opportunities and activities for the 2005-2006 law school calendar.
ISBA MentorCenter a stepping stone to success By Roberta C. Conwell October 2005 If you’re not working for yourself, you’re dead in the water!” Thus spoke the experienced lawyer to the newly admitted, mother-of-six lawyer who was finding it all she could do to drag herself to the job everyday. The words stuck in my head for six years while I worked for a giant corporation handling leasing and zoning. I pictured myself a dead fish, floating on my side. Dead in the water. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was feeling like another kind of animal too—a chicken.
ISBA YLD selects Young Lawyers of the Year June 2005 Each year, the Illinois State Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division honors two outstanding attorneys with Young Lawyer of the Year awards.
ISBA/YLD Champaign Social By Kelley A. Gandurski December 2005 On September 23, 2005, the Young Lawyers Division held its first social event of the year at Rock’s Bar in Champaign, Illinois. All members of the YLD, past and present, and law students were invited to attend.
Making the most out of dining out By Gloria Petersen December 2005 Building a strong relationship with a restaurant starts with being highly respectful of the staff. They are there not just to serve your food, but to ensure that all your needs are met and that your event is successful.
Popular iPod can be useful to lawyer away from office By David B. Yavitz June 2005 Don't buy Apple Computer's iPod because it is the coolest and most popular portable music player on the planet.
Prepare for e-discovery in four easy steps: Identify the who, what, where, and when By Michelle Meklir McBride June 2005 Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another news story, magazine article, or educational conference focused on electronic discovery, the topic flashes in the headlines again.
Pro bono publico, for the public good By Justin Heather December 2005 Recently, there has been much debate in the legal community regarding the Illinois Supreme Court’s proposed rules regarding the reporting of pro bono hours.
Report from the ABA Annual Meeting By Alvin Ratana October 2005 On August 6-7, 2004, the American Bar Association (ABA) Young Lawyers Division (YLD) Assembly convened at the ABA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.
Report of approved grant requests By Dion Davi December 2005 The Young Lawyers Division Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association met on Saturday, November 5th in Chicago to discuss, among many other items, five grant requests for funding through the Illinois Bar Foundation/Young Lawyers Division Children’s Assistance Fund.
The seven deadly sins of business e-mail By Eric M. Rosenberg April 2005 Since its inception, e-mail has been hailed justifiably as a productivity tool. But why should it also be productive for the prosecutor or plaintiff as a source of evidence? What can we do as lawyers to stop the creation and dissemination of troublesome electronic communications?
Seven tips to help your legal practice run more smoothly By Justin Heather February 2005 Whether you are a new member of the bar or a seasoned associate, there are several items to keep in mind to make your practice, and life, run more smoothly.
Superhero Syndrome By Heather M. Fritsch December 2005 It struck me the other day that every time I run into a practicing attorney I knew from law school (or another young attorney that I know well), the very first question that is asked is: “So—what do you think?”
Tax-free Health Savings Accounts now available June 2005 Illinois State Bar Association members can now take advantage of tax-free Health Savings Accounts offered through Marsh Affinity Group Services.