2012 Articles

10 things judges wish you knew about legal writing By Timothy J. Storm December 2012 Are you aware of the 10 most common writing errors and how to avoid them?
Addressing underemployment and underrepresentation: One lawyer’s thoughts on how to attack the problem By George Petrilli October 2012 During these difficult economic times, there may be opportunities for the legal profession to address the issue of lack of representation to traditionally under-served populations while simultaneously assisting those expanding number of indebted, underemployed new attorneys. 
The best compliment I ever received By Heather Pfeffer August 2012 The author reminds that being a good litigator and being a nice person are not mutually exclusive.
Chair’s column By Heather M. Fritsch April 2012 A message from YLD Chair Heather Fritsch.
Chair’s column By Heather M. Fritsch February 2012 A message from YLD Chair Heather Fritsch.
Chicago lawyers win 2012 Lincoln Award Writing Contest February 2012 See who won this year's writing prizes.
The event of the season is almost here! By Angelica W. Wawrzynek October 2012 Save the date for the YLD's 15th Annual Holiday Part, to be held on Friday, December 7th from 6 - 10 p.m.
From the Chair By Meghan O’Brien October 2012 A message from YLD Chair Meghan O'Brien.
From the Chair By Meghan O’Brien August 2012 A message from YLD Chair Meghan O'Brien.
From the YLD Chair: Looking back… and looking forward By Heather M. Fritsch & Meghan O’Brien June 2012 Messages from both the outgoing and incoming YLD Chairs.
The ISBA needs you to help fight hunger By Angelica W. Wawrzynek December 2012 Learn more about Feeding Illinois, the ISBA's important hunger-fighting initiative.
ISBA YLD’s 14th Annual Holiday Party at the Cubby Bear By Anna P. Krolikowska February 2012 Just how much money did the 2011 Holiday Party raise for the Children's Assistance Foundation? Read on to find out.
Just be normal By Maxine Weiss Kunz June 2012 Lawyers have a certain language which benefits our trade and can alienate others. But once outside of your professional life, the author advises you should make an effort to to step out of your lawyer shoes and converse like a “normal person” in your day-to-day interactions.
Lending legal pro bono skills to a not-for-profit—Another way to make charitable contributions By Jennifer Sellers Wong June 2012 Assist a not-for-profit corporation obtain a 501(c)(3) status and help a charitable organization while earning pro bono legal hours for yourself. 
Mark your calendars now for the YLD Annual Holiday Party! By Angelica W. Wawrzynek August 2012 The holiday party will be held on Friday, December 8th this year.
The military, veterans, and the law: A primer for young lawyers By J. Amber Drew June 2012 With full withdrawal of the United States military combat forces from Iraq completed in 2011 and anticipated withdrawal from Afghanistan by 2014 fast approaching, young lawyers can expect to encounter military-related legal issues increasingly over the next several years, if not decades, as service members return home and reintegrate into their communities.
Navigating a case assigned to the municipal department By Amy Kelly August 2012 A general outline of the procedures regarding municipal cases in the First Municipal District in which a jury demand has been filed.
Networking for young attorneys By Cade Cummins December 2012 Keep your eyes open— networking opportunities can present themselves each and every day. 
Pay it forward By Meghan O’Brien February 2012 Pay it forward. Do something good for someone now, and in the future, when you need assistance, someone will help you.
Professional Development Series By Jessica Durkin October 2012 Learn more about the YLD's new series of luncheons created to help law students and young lawyers advance their careers.
Public service and repaying your loans: Once impractical, now a reality By Matthew S. Dionne April 2012 This article seeks to call attention to and explain the recent federal and Illinois legislation designed to encourage attorneys to stay or enter the public interest field.
Reducing treating physicians’ depositions fees By Gina Rossi February 2012 An overview of the case of Montes v. Mai, and a discussion of one route practitioners can take to challenge physicians' fees.
Reflections of President John E. Thies By John E. Thies August 2012 A message from ISBA President John E. Thies to the members of the YLD.
Save the Date: YLD’s 5th Annual Soiree coming in April By Gina Rossi December 2012 Mark your calendar now so you don't miss out on this popular event!
Silence is the new Golden Rule By Michael D. Wong April 2012 Under the recent change to Rule 1.6 of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, without informed consent an attorney may not disclose ANY information regarding a case or representation, even if that information is of public record. 
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Small law, big plans By Katherine A. Chamberlain August 2012 A new solo practitioner explores the woes and wows of making it work in the working world.
Spotlight on Past YLD Council Chair Gregg A. Garofalo By Katie Kelleher February 2012 Learn more about former YLD Chair Gregg Garofalo.
A thank you to our Holiday Party sponsors February 2012 A special thank you to all those who helped make the 14th Annual Holiday Party a success.
Tips for authoring a winning brief on appeal By Marron Mahoney April 2012 The author offers helpful advice to ensure your brief is the best (and most persuasive) it can be.
Tips for new associates By Erin Wilson June 2012 A few guidelines for those just starting out.