2004 Articles

10 business development resolutions By Michael Cummings February 2004 It is natural at this time of year to set goals for the upcoming year. So, what kind of results do you want to create for your personal practice this year?
2005 Lincoln Award Legal Writing Contest Winners By Eric Hanson December 2004 The ISBA has recently selected the winners of the 2005 Lincoln Award Legal Writing Contest.
Attorney fees in special education matters involving public school districts: Is a comeback imminent? By Kathryn S. Vander Broek April 2004 Parent advocates have turned to the Illinois Legislature to regain an advantage lost in recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court and the 7th Circuit regarding the payment of attorney and expert witness fees in special education matters.
Betty Jang-Young Lawyer of the Year (Downstate) By Eric Hanson August 2004 Betty Y. Jang of Champaign received the Young Lawyer of the Year Award on June 18, 2004 at the ISBA annual meeting in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
Crossing cultural barriers by creating a more cohesive multicultural work environment By Gloria Petersen June 2004 Adapting by understanding cultural differences and overcoming personal biases are important skills. The real value is in the confidence it gives you, the example it sets for others to follow, and the positive impression it makes on colleagues, management, and clients.
The demand for soft skills for today’s job market: It’s more than class ranking and GPA By Gloria Petersen February 2004 Staying competitive in today's fast-changing job market requires more than credentials. The ability to get along with people and cement relationships is your best competitive edge.
Domestic violence is every attorney’s business By Kimberly R. Lusk February 2004 In 2002, the Chicago Office of Emergency Communications fielded 215,153 domestic violence phone calls, an average of 589 calls per day.1
A few tools for working with witnesses By Patrick M. Kinnally December 2004 I have been taking statements and depositions from people since 1975. First, it was in the context of working for a federal agency where sworn statements were used in enforcement proceedings before a federal administrative law judge.
Five good reasons why your law firm should advertise, and five good reasons why your law firm shouldn’t By Tom Simons June 2004 Does anyone like a good healthy debate more than a lawyer? The truth of the matter is that the case for legal services advertising is particularly contentious, since there is compelling evidence to support both positions.
Franco A. Coladipietro-Young Lawyer of the Year (Chicago) By Celia G. Gamrath August 2004 On June 18, 2004, the ISBA presented Franco A. Coladipietro with the Chicago area Young Lawyer of the Year Award.
Getting and keeping clients By John L. Nisivaco December 2004 As you know, attorneys licensed to practice law in Illinois are governed, in part, by the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC).
Getting and keeping clients By John L. Nisivaco October 2004 Although attorneys are busy with their current cases, the importance of generating future business should never be underestimated.
Getting and keeping clients By John L. Nisivaco August 2004 Most lawyers understand the importance of networking, but they aren't sure how to do it.
Has Google™ gone loco? By Peter T. Boyd April 2004 Google has not gone loco, just local. Google Local™ is now alive and enables users to find local information along with business listings, maps, directions, and useful Web pages all through one easy-to-use search.
How to design a simple education-based Web site for an individual attorney By Trey Ryder June 2004 As a rule, the more lawyers you have in your firm, the less able you are to focus your Web site's attention on any one lawyer's knowledge and experience. An easy solution is for each lawyer to have his own education-based Web site.
ISBA proud to announce the 2004 Public Service Award winner By Kimberly R. Lusk August 2004 Nicole S. Lalich, a 2004 cum laude graduate of the University of Illinois College of Law, has been named the 2004 recipient of the Illinois State Bar Association Public Service Award for demonstrating extraordinary commitment to public service.
Marketing myths most lawyers believe By Trey Ryder April 2004 The author has identified 18 myths... do you believe any of them?
My first year as the first associate By Peter R. Olson April 2004 As a 2002 law school graduate, I recently faced the dilemma presented to many young attorneys before me: where should I enter this diverse career spectrum otherwise known as the legal profession?
Senator Paul Simon: A personal reflection By Scott W. Gertz February 2004 Illinois has a rich tradition of producing honorable public servants. Senator Paul Simon, who died in December 2003, has long ago assumed his place at the very top of this pantheon.
Supreme Court limits remedies available to managed care plan participants By Anthony E. Antognoli August 2004 In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court of the United States recently ruled that participants in managed care health plans, such as Health Maintenance Organizations ("HMOs"), may not sue their plans in state court for injuries they allege to have been caused by a plan's negligence in handling coverage decisions.
Telephone calls from prospects: How to protect yourself from this two-edged sword By Trey Ryder October 2004 If you're like most lawyers, you know the value of speaking with a prospective client over the telephone before your first meeting.
U.S. Supreme Court finds change in early retirement entitlement under pension plan violated ERISA’s “Anti-Cutback” rule By Andrew B. Cripe August 2004 In Central Laborers' Pension Fund v. Heinz, the U.S. Supreme Court found that a multi-employer pension fund violated the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) by changing the rules for when employees would be eligible for early retirement benefits.
When navigating the uncontested related adoption highway, you still need a map By Chris S. Haaff October 2004 Do not let the facts that an adoption is for a related child and will be uncontested lull you into thinking related adoptions are easy.