2019 Articles

Ethical billing: Can I bill for that? By Hannah R. Lamore June 2019 Practical guidance on ethical billing questions many young lawyers face on a daily basis.
Fred Lane’s Trial Techniques Institute: A judgment-free jury By Hannah R. Lamore June 2019 Reflections on Fred Lane’s Trial Techniques Institute.
Health and wellness for a new lawyer: A challenge to build healthy habits By Samantha Dudzinski February 2019 Ten small challenges to help the new lawyer develop healthy habits.
Juvenile abuse and neglect cases: A short primer for non-Cook County matters By Jared Giuffre February 2019 A primer designed to give you guidance on how abuse and neglect cases proceed.
Navigating Your Domestic Relations Court Appearance in Cook County By Karen VanderMeer November 2019 Practical tips to help new attorneys navigate domestic relations court appearances in Cook County.
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Note From the Chair By Jennifer A. Haase November 2019 A note from the chair, Jennifer A. Haase.
Perspectives, Preferences, and Pet Peeves From the Bench By Judge Debra B. Walker & Niharika Reddy November 2019 In order to be an effective, respectful, and zealous advocate for your client, remember to always keep the “three P’s” in mind: Perspectives, preferences, and pet peeves.
Speaking to my newly-admitted self By Jennifer A. Haase June 2019 Words of advice for new attorneys who may be feeling overwhelmed entering the practice of law.
This is when you know you are fully engaged in the practice of law By Mark D. Hassakis February 2019 After 42 years of practicing law, ISBA Past President Mark Hassakis shares observations about the practice of law.
Trying your first case: A primer on getting to opening statements By Bruno R. Marasso June 2019 An outline of what needs to be done to prepare to try your first case.
When Form Construction Contracts Are Not Enough: Top 5 Construction Contract Drafting Tips By Mallory P. Sanzeri November 2019 An overview of the common clauses in form construction contracts that can leave contractors exposed to unnecessary litigation.
YLD Holiday Party 2018 highlights February 2019 Highlights from the 2018 YLD Holiday party.