2007 Articles

10th Annual Holiday Party to be held in December October 2007 The Young Lawyers Division (YLD) of the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) will host its 10th Annual Holiday Party at Joe’s Sports Bar, 940 W. Weed Street, Chicago, on Friday, November 30, from 6 to 10 p.m.
2007 Lincoln Award Writing Contest winners selected By Stephen Anderson February 2007 An article by Roman J. Seckel of Drendel & Drendel, Batavia, has been judged the first place winner in the 2007 ISBA Lincoln Award Legal Writing Contest.
Acupuncture: What, When, Why and How? By Dr. Shanna Fritsch October 2007 For thousands of years, Eastern Medicine has used acupuncture to treat everything, including emotional disorders, pain, analgesia and wrinkle reduction.
Aging gracefully? By Dr. Shanna Fritsch June 2007 In today’s world we are constantly bombarded by images of youth and perfection. Beautiful men and beautiful women in their beautiful, youthful skin.
Book review By Heather M. Fritsch December 2007 “You’re going to give yourself a heart attack if you keep eating like that,” she said, frowning. George waived away her concern. “At the first sign of arrhythmia I’ll ask God for a continuance.”
Book review By Heather M. Fritsch October 2007 “A jury is twelve people who decide who has the best lawyer.”
Book review By Heather M. Fritsch August 2007 A review of The Last Juror by John Grisham.
Book review By Heather M. Fritsch June 2007 That morning, change was in the air. But of all the people who had gathered in the courtroom, of all the justices and officials and lawyers and former clerks, only O’Connor and Rehnquist knew how much…
Book review By Heather M. Fritsch April 2007 A review of The Alibi, by Sandra Brown.
Book review By Heather M. Fritsch February 2007 “This addictive tale of a young lawyer defending a black Vietnam war hero who kills the white druggies who raped his child in tiny Clanton, Mississippi, is John Grisham’s first novel, and his favorite of his first six."
Closing the gap: Why and how we should address the lack of law student involvement in the ISBA By George L. Schoenbeck December 2007 On November 8, 2007 I took a large step in my life by becoming a licensed attorney. After 20 straight years of school, from kindergarten through law school, I finally crossed the last threshold at the end of my formal education.
Doing well by doing good (or, just in case you needed more reasons to do pro bono) By Howard W. Anderson, III October 2007 An acute shortage of legal aid attorneys throughout Illinois (and the rest of the country) means that all too many individuals must navigate the legal system alone.
Don’t get pushed around By Jamie L. Bas August 2007 First-year associates dream of the day that they can take their first deposition and obtain the shocking confessions that the partners of their firms seem to obtain without any effort.
E-mail etiquette By Maxine R. Weiss February 2007 In today’s world of technology, many of us have fallen into the habit of e-mailing with our clients and opposing counsels.
Forget steroids and gambling—MLB’s next political quagmire may be a closer look at its antitrust exemption By Frank N. DeBoni December 2007 A successful claim for antitrust violations could have a crippling effect on MLB. 
Ground yourself By Heather M. Fritsch April 2007 As some of you may know, my dad is a farmer. I grew up on a farm just south of the very small town of Shabbona, Illinois. Shabbona?!
How to make your business development breakthroughs in the coming year By Michael Cummings & Barry Schneider April 2007 Take control of your career by embracing the entrepreneurial mindset and active behavior of a rainmaker.
ISBA / YLD 3RD ANNUAL GOLF CLASSIC February 2007 We are pleased to announce that the ISBA/YLD 3rd Annual Golf Classic to benefit the Illinois Bar Foundation YLD’s Children’s Assistance Fund will be held on Monday, July 23, 2007 at Indian Lakes Resort in Bloomingdale, Illinois.
ISBA/Young Lawyers Division 3rd Annual Golf Classic By Kelley A. Gandurski June 2007 Preparation for the ISBA / YLD 3rd Annual Golf Classic is well underway.
MCLE credit and newsletter authors August 2007 According to Rule 795(d)(7) of the Supreme Court of Illinois’ Minimum Continuing Legal Education Rules, authors who write “law-related articles in responsible legal journals or other legal sources” can get MCLE credit.
Not just wills for heroes By Tarek A. Fadel December 2007 Over the past few weeks, a few of my colleagues from the Young Lawyer’s Division and I have been evaluating a program called Wills for Heroes (www.willsforheroes.org).
Report on ABA House of Delegates Annual Meeting By Gina M. Arquilla October 2007 The House of Delegates of the American Bar Association met on August 13-14, 2007 in San Francisco.
Six rules of Illinois Civil Practice that you should know to impress your supervising partner By Howard W. Anderson, III December 2007 My first-year torts professor once pronounced in class that what separates the lawyer from the layperson is that the lawyer not only knows what the law “is,” but also how to “do” law.
Stress: Your toughest opponent yet By Dr. Shanna Fritsch April 2007 In today’s world you are faced with almost constant stress. If it is not your boss, it is a big case, or a big bill.
Tips for healthy living in the new year By Dr. Shanna Fritsch February 2007 Stress Reduction! Stress can cause headaches, muscle tension, irritability, depression, and anxiety. Take steps to reduce stress in your daily routine.
Use the Web, but don’t let it use you By Matt Arbogast August 2007 On June 29, 2007, an unbelievably large number of people waited in line for hours, some for days, to get their hands on iPhones.
What can I be with a J.D.? A Thomson-West Sales Representative By Heather M. Fritsch December 2007 Learn more about Thomson-West Sales Representative Jason Bagley
What can I be with a J.D.? Assistant Attorney General for the Illinois Attorney General By Heather M. Fritsch August 2007 Learn more about Nancy Tikalsky, Assistant Attorney General for the Illinois Attorney General, Environmental Bureau North.
What can I be with a J.D.? Assistant General Counsel in the Office of the Illinois Governor By Heather M. Fritsch February 2007 focus on Paul Miller, Assistant General Counsel in the Office of Governor Rod Blagojevich.
What can I be with a J.D.? Associate Director of Enforcement for the NCAA By Heather M. Fritsch October 2007 A focus on LuAnn Humphrey, Associate Director of Enforcement for the NCAA.