2020 Articles

10 Tech Tips Every Lawyer Should Know By Christine Hunt March 2020 An outline of ten tips, tricks, and products to help lawyers practice more efficiently.
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5 Reasons Face-to-Face Networking Is Critical Now More Than Ever for Young Lawyers By Genevieve E. Niemann February 2020 Although electronic networking can save you time, it is no replacement for face-to-face communication to build your network.
5 Things Every Lawyer Should Know About Intellectual Property By Kenneth Matuszewski January 2020 A primer on intellectual property law for young lawyers.
A Book Review and Inspiration for 2020—’You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life’ By Natali Thomas January 2020 A review of Jen Sincere's book, 'You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.'
Book Review of ‘IICLE Child Support and Maintenance Calculation Guide’ by Nancy Chausow Shafer and Margaret Bennett By Marie Sarantakis January 2020 A review of the new IICLE handbook, 'Child Support and Maintenance Calculation Guide.'
Boosting Wellness and Managing Stress During Quarantine By Erin Clifford, E. Kenneth Wright, Jr., & Michael B. Hyman June 2020 Wellness and stress management tips during COVID-19.
Career Services Offices and the Young Practitioner By Matthew V. Chimienti January 2020 Law school career services offices are an often-overlooked resource for young lawyers hoping to change jobs, transition into a different area of practice, or hang their own shingle.
Case Study: In re Marriage of Solecki—Examining its Ruling and Potential Consequences By Stephanie L. Tang September 2020 In re Marriage of Solecki joins a handful of cases in opening the doors for future modification claims and potential invalidation of child support provisions contained in marital settlement agreements and judgments for dissolution of marriage that a court finds does not comport with section 505 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.
Chicago Bar Association Young Lawyers Section Forms Racial Justice Coalition By Azar Alexander, Chastidy Burns, & Kenny Matuszewski September 2020 A look at the Racial Justice Coalition formed by the Chicago Bar Association Young Lawyers Section in response to the devastating loss of so many lives at the hands of law enforcement.
Cranberry Scones: From Ingredients in Your Pantry By Hannah R. Lamore April 2020 A recipe for scones using pantry staples.
Depositions in the Time of COVID-19 By Judy Conway April 2020 One of the many changes lawyers and law firms are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic is the continuation of discovery using virtual depositions.
Dos and Don’ts for Your (or Your Client’s) Next Employee Handbook By Samantha A. Bobor November 2020 A helpful list of tips for creating or updating your next employee handbook.
FICO DROPUF: An Acronym for Deposing Doctors By Bruno R. Marasso January 2020 An outline of the important topics to explore when deposing a doctor, which can often present interesting power dynamics.
Five Tax Concepts Family Law Attorneys Should Know By Kimberly S. Krieg & Stephanie L. Tang June 2020 An analysis of the five tax concepts that all attorneys, in particular family law attorneys, should familiarize themselves with when negotiating cases.
How to Gain the Quarantine 15 By Genevieve Niemann September 2020 A compilation of local businesses to support during COVID-19.
Illinois Bar Foundation Is a Way to Give Back to the Legal Community By Jessica Durkin February 2020 For young attorneys still looking to give back, there are still many opportunities through the Illinois Bar Foundation.
Implicit Bias: How Far Are We Really? By Bianca B. Brown March 2020 Strides in diversity efforts have not sufficiently addressed implicit bias.
ISBA YLD Member Marie Sarantakis Interviews Leading Author and Acclaimed McHenry County Family Law Practitioner Gunnar Gitlin By Marie Sarantakis February 2020 Marie Sarantakis sat down with renowned author and family law practitioner Gunnar Gitlin to discuss his experiences as a divorce attorney and tips for new lawyers.
Justice Ginsburg – Her Legacy and Impact By Natali P. Thomas November 2020 A look at the life of former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Lively Debate in Live Music Capital of the World: Overview of YLD Assembly at 2020 ABA Midyear Meeting in Austin, Texas By Hannah R. Lamore March 2020 Summaries of the resolutions and constitutional amendments presented at YLD Assembly at the American Bar Association Midyear Meeting in February.
Message From the YLD Chair By Jennifer Haase April 2020 A note from the chair, Jennifer Haase.
A Message From Your Editor By Marie Sarantakis April 2020 A note from the editor, Marie Sarantakis.
Navigating the Illinois Health Care Services Lien Act By John R. Steigauf June 2020 Understanding liens and the Illinois Health Care Services Lien Act is critical to maximizing an injured party’s recovery.
A Note From the YLD Chair By Zachary L. Sorman September 2020 A note from the chair, Zachary L. Sorman.
The Path Forged: Women in Law & Politics By Judith Conway November 2020 A look at the history of women in law and politics.
Proposed Changes to the Statute of Repose for Estate Planners By Daniel Thies March 2020 One of the challenges that young attorneys face when joining or taking over an established practice is the risk of outstanding professional malpractice liabilities.
A Quick Primer on Trade Secrets By Bryce Persichetti March 2020 An overview of trade secrets to familiarize attorneys with this lesser-known area of intellectual property law.
Small Employers Beware: Changes to the Illinois Human Rights Act By Samantha Bobor February 2020 Effective January 1, 2020, under the Illinois Human Rights Act, the definition of "employer" expands from any Illinois employer with at least 15 employees to those with one or more employees.
So You Got a Railroad Worker Case? By Susannah Price April 2020 The distinction between a workers’ compensation case and a Federal Employer's Liability Act case highlight why it is so important to research and ask questions from your supervisors or consult with other practitioners when you get a new case and you are unfamiliar with the area of law.
Supporting the Illinois Bar Foundation Gala to Aid Access to Justice and Colleagues By Jennifer A. Haase September 2020 The Illinois Bar Foundation will be hosting its annual gala in a new virtual format this year.