2018 Articles

2017 ISBA YLD’s Annual Holiday Party to benefit the IBF/YLD Children’s Assistance Fund By Genevieve E. Niemann February 2018 A recap of the 20th Annual YLD Holiday Party.
Are you acting unethically by failing to screen for domestic violence? By Christine Hunt February 2018 It is an attorney’s ethical duty to both provide competent legal representation and to be an advisor to their clients. Screening for domestic violence only takes a few minutes, but is essential to successful and ethical representation.
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Five courtroom tips for new lawyers By Jameika Mangum April 2018 Are you ready for your first court appearance? Here are five suggestions to help you do your best.
Five research tips for new lawyers By Terrill Wilkins April 2018 Learning how to complete research assignments efficiently without sacrificing quality or accuracy is tough. Author Terrill Wilkins shares his tips for doing it right.
The importance of networking By Evan W. Schanerberger August 2018 Networking is an important skill to cultivate in order to build your book of business and make your job easier.
Register now for our annual Bean Bag Tournament April 2018 Join us on May 12th in Springfield for this fun annual event!
Setting boundaries when you engage a friend or relative as a client By Jennifer A. Haase April 2018 Taking on a friend or relative as a client can be tricky-- here are some suggestions for how to navigate this potential minefield.
What I wish I knew before taking the bar exam By Genevieve E. Niemann February 2018 Recommendations to help you conquer the bar!
What to do (and not do) when something goes wrong as a new lawyer By Kate Conway August 2018 Tips for what to do—and what to avoid doing—when you realize you have made a mistake at work. 
Young lawyer buying out a law practice with a retiring senior partner and the issues related thereto By Leonard F. Amari & Trent West August 2018 A look at the issues any young lawyer must consider before deciding whether to buy out a retiring lawyer's firm.