2021 Articles

5 Things an Associate Can Do to Keep Up By Vaughn J. Richardson December 2021 Five lessons one young lawyer learned during the first year of practice.
Amendment to Bill Adds Mandatory 6 Percent Prejudgment Interest to Personal Injury Judgments By Jenna K. DiJohn March 2021 House Amendment 2 to State Bill 72, passed by the Illinois House of Representatives on March 18, 2021, presumes to modify the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure to add a mandatory prejudgment interest fee of 6 percent per year for all judgments in personal injury cases filed in Illinois.
An Associate’s Checklist for Preparing for Trial By Susannah J. Price December 2021 Seven tips for associate attorneys to prepare to try a simple case to jury verdict.
Benefits and Issues of Zoom Court By Edward Wasilewski November 2021 An overview of the benefits and drawbacks of conducting court hearings over Zoom.
Chair’s Column By Judith Conway September 2021 A welcome to the new bar year from the chair.
The Class of COVID-19: New Attorneys Navigating the Pandemic By Robert O’Connor December 2021 Three attorneys share their experiences transitioning to different firms during the pandemic. 
A Client-Centered Approach to Client Intakes and Initial Interviews By Samantha A. Bobor October 2021 Although every client intake will be different because every client is different, using a client-centered approach can help make a good first impression.
Discovery Depositions: Preparation & Execution By Thomas M. Connelly October 2021 It is crucial that lawyers are properly prepared for depositions so that they can execute their line of questioning and develop their case in a favorable manner.
Distinguishing Yourself in a Crowded Legal Marketplace By Stephanie Tang December 2021 Three tips to help young associates network and find their niche within the legal field.
Do Good! Feel Good! Become an ISBA Pro Bono Partner! By Anna Krolikowskia October 2021 The ISBA’s Pro Bono Partner initiative offers our members the opportunity to meet the ever-growing need for pro bono service.
Earning CLE Through Coaching and Observational Opportunities in the COVID-19 Age By Matthew V. Chimienti March 2021 An often-overlooked CLE opportunity is the chance to obtain credits from judging or coaching student mock competitions. 
The Effect of Hospital Advertisements and Consent Forms on an Apparent Agency Claim in Medical Malpractice By Blair Keltner April 2021 Recently, the appellate court addressed whether hospital advertising campaigns that welcome a physician to the medical staff create the appearance of an employee-employer relationship, and, if so, whether a consent form is enough to overcome the appearance of such a relationship in Prutton v. Baumgart et al.
Eight Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Next Appellate Brief By Phillip G. Palmer, Jr. April 2021 Common mistakes to avoid when drafting appellate court briefs.
Estate Planning for Millennials: Choosing Your Top Friends By Priya Thennarasu March 2021 Estate planning tips for millennials.
Evaluating Objections to Workplace Vaccine Mandates By Terrill A. Wilkins December 2021 An overview of current guidelines for evaluating requested medical and religious exemptions from employer vaccine mandates.
‘Excuse Me, Do You Have a Moment?’ By Judge Heinz Rudolf March 2021 Reflections on the benefits of mentorship from more seasoned attorneys.
FMLA: What It Is and Why It Falls Short for New Parents By Jenna K. DiJohn November 2021 A look at how the Family and Medical Leave Act falls short of providing both adequate time and financial supported needed by new families.
Fraud During the COVID-19 Pandemic By Edward Wasilewski March 2021 A look at the ways fraud is being perpetrated during the pandemic.
How and When to Say No to a Client or Potential Client By Christine Hunt September 2021 Attorneys, especially new attorneys, can be afraid to say no to a client or a potential client, but it’s an essential skill to learn.
How to Balance Work and Life as a Young Attorney By Nichol Broshous November 2021 Practical advice to help young attorneys find the perfect balance between meeting work goals and a rewarding personal life.
How to Leverage Social Media to Attract, Engage, and Keep Potential Clients By Stephanie Donat November 2021 Tips for creating an effective social media strategy to attract potential clients and keep them coming back.
How to Manage Client Expectations By Judith Conway September 2021 Advice for managing client expectations.
Illinois Supreme Court Holds Private Process Server Must Be ‘Special’ to Serve in Cook County for Action Filed in Another County By Hannah R. Lamore September 2021 A summary and analysis of Municipal Trust and Savings Bank v. Dennis J. Moriarty.
An Introverted Look By Trent Cameron April 2021 Reflections from an introvert after a year of COVID-19.
ISBA Launches Rural Practice Fellowship Program as Component of Rural Practice Institute By Daniel R. Thies & Lois J. Wood January 2021 In an effort to address the ongoing shortage of attorneys practicing in rural Illinois, the ISBA has launched the Rural Practice Institute Fellowship Program, which aims to connect rural and small-town law firms interested in hiring law clerks and associates with law students and newer attorneys desirous of practicing law in rural areas of Illinois.
ISBA YLD Book Club By Christine Hunt January 2021 All about ISBA Young Lawyers Division's book club.
The ISBA’s Rural Practice Initiative Meets a Crucial Need By Daniel Thies May 2021 ISBA's Rural Practice Initiative is taking steps toward increasing access to attorneys in rural areas of Illinois.
Moving Up in the ISBA: Women in Leadership Roles (Recap) By Bianca B. Brown October 2021 An overview of the September webinar Moving Up in the ISBA.
The ‘New Normal’ for the Central District of Illinois During the Pandemic By Alisha L. Sheehan January 2021 In the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois, daily operations look quite different because of COVID-19.
O’Neil, Hollywood, and Their Calls for Legislative Action By Dane C. Nelson April 2021 A look at O’Neil v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and Hollywood Casino-Aurora, Inc. v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.