2000 Articles

Chair’s column By Thomas Killoren November 2000 I am happy to report that the Fighting Illini won their football game versus the University of California in large part because of the support provided by the Illinois Young Lawyers and Illinois Law Students who attended.
Chair’s column August 2000 We want you! The Young Lawyers Division Council wants all young lawyers in the state of Illinois to participate in the Young Lawyers Division activities.
Chicago-Kent launches first environmental law clinic in Chicago region June 2000 How does a mother of a two-year old determine whether her child has been exposed to lead paint and what can she do to correct the problem?
The contact sports exception to negligence By Dennis Ryan, Jr. August 2000 Does negligence liability have a place in athletic competitions? Can a player on a team be held responsible for injuring another in the course of a game?
Dim sum anyone? The adventure of volunteering By Holly A. Petrik May 2000 Volunteering. A word that can freeze your steps, or make you move faster out of a room.
The formula for calculating the DOI income By Jim Xu January 2000 As a result of the decline in the real estate market earlier this decade, some borrowers have debt balances on their houses more than the fair market values of their houses.
Illinois Creditors’ Bar Association seeks young lawyer members August 2000 Young Lawyers can often benefit from joining special interest bar associations. Interacting with experienced peers practicing in the same field can provide young lawyers with excellent opportunities for specialized education, networking, and career development.
Invasion of privacy in Illinois: time for change By Martin A. Dolan August 2000 Peeping Toms using binoculars and the like have always and unfortunately will continue to infest our world.
ISBA Law Student Division looking for attorney participants By Chris S. Haaff November 2000 The Law Student Division of the ISBA is looking for attorneys to participate in its programs with student members. You should volunteer to assist us.
Law Day 2000: a jury of our peers; we are in good hands By Robert L. Gamrath June 2000 I had the distinct pleasure of attending this year's Young Lawyers Division Law Day program organized and moderated by Ruth Gudino.
The law of eavesdropping By Celia G. Gamrath November 2000 In the July 1999 issue of the Illinois Bar Journal,1 I published an article discussing the law of eavesdropping in Illinois.
Lawyers who lead our community By Holly A. Petrik November 2000 One person that affects our quality of life in Cook County is State's Attorney Richard A. Devine.
Overview of school law: disciplinary policies and procedure By Laninya A. Cason June 2000 Even before Columbine, school discipline in schools has been a continuing concern among school districts around the country.
Profile: Judge Gloria G. Coco By Frank A. DiVito May 2000 Domestic violence is well documented as one of the most horrific crimes that can be committed, destroying families, individuals and society.
Use of a tape-recorded voice sampling as a basis for an employment termination may violate the Employee Polygraph Protection Act By Anthony J. Jacob January 2000 Courts have consistently held that lie detector tests are unreliable to find whether a person is innocent or guilty of committing a crime or unauthorized act that would lead to the termination of the person's employment.
Women Everywhere: Partners in Service Project January 2000 Do you want to help others, but just don't have extra time?
Young Lawyer’s Section Wills Project By Kathryn Bischoff May 2000 The Wills Project through the Young Lawyer's Section is alive and doing well! We recently moved the location of the bi-monthly seminars from the Cornerstone Resources offices on Jefferson Street to Longwood Plaza