2009 Articles

The 11th Annual YLD Holiday Party was a Fun Night for All By Camie DeGuerre February 2009 On December 5, 2008, the Young Lawyers Division of the Illinois State Bar Association hosted its 11th Annual Holiday Party at Joe’s Sports Bar on Weed Street.
The 12th Annual ISBA YLD Holiday Party By Anna P. Krolikowska December 2009 The Illinois State Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division invites you to the 12th Annual Holiday Party
2008 Midyear Meeting Report By Robert Fink April 2009 The ISBA YLD sent five delegates as part of the Illinois delegation to the ABA YLD Assembly meeting in Boston.
2009 Day at the Races By Meghan O’Brien December 2009 The Young Lawyer’s Division held its Day at the Races on September 26, 2009 at Arlington Park Racecourse in Arlington Heights, Illinois. We had wonderful weather, a great crowd and an all-around exceptional day.
2009 Homebuyer Tax Credit: What every young attorney should know By Julie A. Neubauer June 2009 This article is intended to aid the would-be homebuyer through the map of the tax credit, so that you utilize it to you fullest potential. 
7 habits of a highly effective Junior Associate By Howard W. Anderson, III February 2009 The author finds himself providing advice to younger associates. He divulges the seven pieces of advice that he most frequently gives.
ABA YLD Annual Meeting offers ISBA members opportunities for professional education, networking and socializing By Justin Heather August 2009 A mix of business and pleasure, the ABA YLD Annual Meeting provides ISBA YLDers, as well as other ISBA members, with an opportunity to conduct the business of the division, attend excellent CLE programming, and network with fellow lawyers.
All rules are made to be broken By Maxine Weiss Kunz August 2009 A fictional scenario illustrating that when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, perhaps it is time for the exception to become the rule.
Bean bag wrap-up By Gina M. Arquilla April 2009 The YLD kicked off the spring season with our second annual bean bag tournament on March 7, 2009 at Durkin’s Tavern.
The Children’s Assistance Fund By Kelley A. Gandurski February 2009 The Chair of the Young Lawyers Division Grant Request Committee reports that the Young Lawyers Division has approved $13,000 in grant requests so far for the 2008-2009 year.
From the Chair By Gina M. Arquilla June 2009 A message from Chair Gina Arquilla.
From the Chair By Gina M. Arquilla April 2009 A message from YLD Chair Gina Arquilla. 
From the Chair By Gina M. Arquilla February 2009 A message from YLD Chair Gina Arquilla.
Guard your reputation By Jamie L. Bas October 2009  A lawyer’s word, contrary to numerous bad lawyer jokes, is one of his most valuable assets.
Have any clients dabbling in home repair and remodeling? Beware the Illinois Home Repair and Remodeling Act By George L. Schoenbeck October 2009 Failing to enter into a written contract that meets the requirements of the Act and failing to comply with its pamphlet delivery and insurance requirements could later severely limit the rights of contractors in getting paid for their work and could expose them to liability.
Interview with former YLD Chair Gregg Garofalo By Marron Mahoney August 2009 Get to know more about Gregg Garofalo, who chaired the YLD in the 2007-2008 bar year.
Letter to new admittees from the YLD Chair By Kelley A. Gandurski December 2009 On behalf of the Illinois State Bar Association/Young Lawyers Division, I congratulate all of you on your admittance to the Illinois Bar. 
Notes from the Chair By Kelley A. Gandurski October 2009 A message from Chair Kelley Gandurski. 
Notes from the Chair By Kelley A. Gandurski August 2009 A message from Chair Kelley Gandurski. 
Pro bono: Now more than ever! By Michael G. Bergmann December 2009 Bailouts, stimulus packages and an unsteady stock market are all common themes of these difficult economic times. You can’t watch the news anymore without hearing about some aspect of the recent economic downturn. Even the legal profession has been hit hard by this recession. For many, however, this year is no different than years past. For others, they face economic and legal challenges that are both unfamiliar and daunting.
Report on ABA YLD meeting, Birmingham By Gina Arquilla DeBoni December 2009 The ABA Young Lawyers Division held its Fall Conference on October 22-24, 2009 in Birmingham, AL. 
Student loan repayment assistance for public service attorneys: An update By Michael Vojta October 2009 Recent legislation on both the State and Federal levels has been passed to assist young attorneys with debt repayment. Illinois attorneys may soon have two options to turn to for assistance in debt repayment, provided of course that they make a commitment to public service work.  
What can I be with a J.D.? An Executive Director of the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation By Anna P. Krolikowska April 2009 Learn more about Margaret C. Benson, and her career as Executive Director of the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation.
What can I be with a J.D.? Director of Attorney Recruitment and Professional Development By Anna P. Krolikowska October 2009 Learn more about Ruta Stropa, Director of the Attorney Recruitment and Professional Development Office of the Illinois Attorney General.
What can I be with a J.D.? Executive Director and Founder of the Special Education Advocacy Clinic at DePaul University Chicago College of Law By Anna P. Krolikowska February 2009 In this issue we will focus on Nelly Aguilar, Executive Director and Founder of the Special Education Advocacy Clinic at DePaul University College of Law.
What to expect your first year out By Gina Rossi December 2009 Many a young law student in Chicago rejoiced last month at the announcement of bar results and after waiting hours and hours for technical difficulties to subside, these former law students join the ranks of the other lawyers in Chicago.
Where are they now: A look at former YLD Chair David Thies By Marron Mahoney April 2009 Find out what former David C. Thies is doing today, nearly 30 years after his term as Chair of the YLD.
Where are they now: An interview with former YLD Chair Franco Coladipietro By Marron Mahoney June 2009 Find out what Franco Coladipietro has been up to since his term as YLD Chair during the 2002-2003 bar year.
YLD announces 2009 award winners June 2009 The ISBA YLD recently announced this year’s winners of the Young Lawyer of the Year and Law Student Division Public Service awards.
YLD golf outing raises money for Children’s Assistance Fund By Justin Heather & Michael D. Wong October 2009 As with past years, and despite the down economy, the event was a huge success—raising approximately $10,000. In its first five years, the YLD’s annual Golf Classic has raised over $65,000 for the Children’s Assistance Fund.