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13th Annual Holiday Party a success By Jessica Durkin February 2011 The Annual Holiday Party raised more than $16,000 for the IBF/YLD Children's Assistance Fund.
14th annual ISBA YLD Holiday Party to be held December 2, 2011 By Angelica W. Wawrzynek August 2011 Mark your calendars—The 14th Annual YLD Holiday Party will be held on Friday, December 2, 2011 at the Cubby Bear in Chicago.
Benefits of joining bar associations for young lawyers By Jessica Durkin December 2011 The author shares a few of the benefits she's found through active involvement with bar associations.
Business development in the 21st Century: Building your personal brand online By Erin E. Wright April 2011 Potential clients and the public at large are online and are likely searching for you. Put your best foot forward by introducing yourself in a variety of online forums that are free, relatively easy to use, and exceptionally effective at increasing the value of your personal brand.
Chair’s column By Heather M. Fritsch December 2011 A message from YLD Chair Heather Fritsch.
Chair’s column By Heather M. Fritsch October 2011 A message from YLD Chair Heather
Chair’s column By Heather M. Fritsch August 2011 A note from YLD Chair Heather Fritsch.
Changes to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 216 By Maxine Weiss Kunz April 2011 An explanation of the recent changes, which took effect on January 1, 2011.
Congratulations to the 2011 Lincoln Writing Contest winners June 2011 David C. Holland and Gilbert C. Lenz of Chicago co-authored the first-place article this year.
Financial tips for young lawyers By Erich Gerlach February 2011 Saving now will give you the foundation for wealth later on and protect you during difficult times. Here's how you can do it.
A fresh perspective on the judicial system By Hon. E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. & Kalisa Gary February 2011 Read 13-year-old Kalisa Gary's award-winning essay on the subject of "keeping an impartial balance of life, accepting all divisions of fairness."
Getting your first legal job: The necessity of networking By Jessica C. Marshall October 2011 A first-hand account of how networking really works.
The Illinois Constitution reviewed, honored and being taught in a law school classroom By CarrieBeth Clark February 2011 The John Marshall Law School is currently the only law school in Illinois to offer a course devoted to the study of the Illinois Constitution.
Illinois State Bar Association’s YLD 14th Annual Holiday Party at the Cubby Bear By Anna P. Krolikowska October 2011 Mark your calendars for the 14th Annual Holiday Party on December 2nd!
ISBA offers multitudes of member benefits in its Member Marketplace By Debra Liss Thomas February 2011 The ISBA Member Marketplace has teamed up with numerous companies to provide discounts to members on common, everyday services lawyers need. Check out the list of companies offering discounts here.
ISBA YLD grants provide assistance for children in need By Michael G. Bergmann & Arturo Hernandez October 2011 Through a variety of social events and fundraisers, the YLD raises money each year to support this ISBA Children's Assistance Fund.
ISBA YLD Vice Chair co-authors The Illinois Survival Guide: Best Practices for New Lawyers By Anna P. Krolikowska February 2011 The new book, co-sponsored by the ISBA, offers advice on topics ranging from everything they forgot to teach you in law school to the top 10 mistakes new lawyers make, and the importance of achieving balance and avoiding burnout. Click here to check it out and get 15% off.
Lawyers as entrepreneurs: A conversation with Billy Joe Mills, JD, Co-Founder of By Allan Niemerg August 2011 In these tough economic times, it’s rare for young attorneys to quit a big law job. It’s even more rare to quit a big law job to launch a business with a charitable purpose. Today, we speak with a young attorney who has done just that.
Leadership for inclusion at Illinois Law: Student member Carol Celestine By T.K. Peach April 2011 Learn about University of Illinois Law student Carol Celestine and her efforts to promote an inclusive student culture.
Looking back… By Robert Fink June 2011 A farewell message from Outgoing Chair Robert Fink.
Looking Forward….. By Heather M. Fritsch June 2011 A note from incoming Chair Heather M. Fritsch.
Making corrections to depositions under Illinois and federal law By Ryan J. Rodman December 2011 In Illinois the rule is fairly clear that deponents cannot make changes to depositions unless there are errors in reporting or transcription. In federal court, there is no uniform position as to the deponent’s ability to make corrections to the deposition, and you will want to consult the relevant circuit’s law before advising your client as to what he or she will be able to correct.
Masalski, Herman named Young Lawyers of the Year for 2011 June 2011 Emily N. Masalski of Chicago and Joshua D. Herman of Peoria have been named the ISBA Young Lawyers of the Year for 2011.
Networking Is a Contact Sport, by Joe Sweeney By Katie Kelleher February 2011 A synopsis of the new book, Networking is a Contact Sport, by Joe Sweeney.
New PILI intern named, receives honorary “ISBA Young Lawyers Division Internship” August 2011 Arturo Hernandez has been selected as the 2011 recipient of the honorary “ISBA Young Lawyers Division Internship” through the Public Interest Law Initiative.
Report on ABA YLD Annual Meeting By Tarek A. Fadel & Kenya A. Jenkins-Wright October 2011 This year’s annual meeting was extremely exciting for ISBA and the Chicago-land area. Michael Bergmann, a member of the ISBA YLD council, was elected chair of the ABA YLD. 
Report on ABA YLD Midyear Meeting By Tarek A. Fadel & Kenya A. Jenkins-Wright April 2011 The Assembly of the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division met on February 12, 2011.
Searching for the Holy Grail (a.k.a., the Work-Life Balance) By Douglas F. McMeyer April 2011 The successful balance between career and personal life is something every attorney strives to find. This article provides tips and suggestions to help lawyers in their search.
Signing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity is not fatal By Rebecca E. Cahan June 2011 It is our job and duty as lawyers to make sure we know the law and ask the right questions to determine whether a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity may be challenged on the grounds of fraud, duress, or material mistake of fact.
Summer Soiree wrap-up By Meghan O’Brien June 2011 A recap of the YLD's successful Third Annual Summer Soiree, held on May 6, 2011.