2016 Articles

Advice to young attorneys: How to grow your career By Amanda M. Oliver June 2016 The author shares her tips on how to stand out and get ahead in your career.
Alternative legal careers By Natali Marquez-Ponce August 2016 If you have a law degree, the law firm career is not your only option.
Announcing the ISBA Website for New Lawyers By Marie K. Sarantakis October 2016 The new site is an extension of the ISBA original website, but is specifically tailored to cater to new lawyers’ needs. It lists a plethora of benefits connected with ISBA membership that are especially meaningful to a new attorney, including complimentary access to FastCase legal research, a listing in the Illinois Lawyer Finder referral database, daily case digests, and continuing legal education credits.
Are young lawyers less civilized? By Marie K. Sarantakis April 2016 Numerous jurisdictions are recognizing and lamenting the deterioration of civility in the legal profession. However, incivility is not a new problem nor is it unique to professionals under the age of 35. This article addresses some of the reasons a young lawyer might be perceived as being less than civil.
Avoiding legal malpractice claims By David Neiman February 2016 A look at the common (and easily correctable!) mistakes that young lawyers make that could result in a malpractice claim.
Beware the pitfall: Avoiding ethical lapses in client intake By Kyle Stevens June 2016 A discussion of some of the ethical issues regarding client retention and non-engagement letters.
Billing—The health of your firm By Herschenia Aria Brown October 2016 Find Out More... The ISBA has published numerous articles on billing and other common concerns topics in our Practice Resource Center-- go to <https://www.isba.org/practiceresourcecenter> to read more on: • Job hunting • Mentoring • Hanging out a shingle • Marketing and attracting clients
Building a working wardrobe By Priscilla Singer April 2016 Your work wardrobe should make you feel confident, comfortable, professional, and ready to take on the day. Here are a few tips for the young attorney’s closet.
Diversity in the practice By Maliha Siddiqui August 2016 The author shares her experiences as a minority in the legal profession.
E-mail etiquette at work By Kathy Xiahou February 2016 Some helpful tips for those who communicate electronically.
Five ways to enhance your credentials as a new family law practitioner By Marie K. Sarantakis December 2016 Stuck in a rut? Improve your resume and become more qualified by following these simple tips.
Former vice president of Beijing Supreme Court featured at roundtable discussion June 2016 The Honorable Jingmin Zhai joined the discussion at Lake Land College in April.
How bar associations can be relevant to new lawyers in today’s legal climate By James F. McCluskey October 2016 The author shares his suggestions for what bar associations should offer new lawyers.
How to be a considerate advocate without ever representing a client By Jennifer A. Haase April 2016 It is never easy to deliver bad news to a client, but what if you must explain the person's case won't move forward before you even form a relationship?
How to start a good relationship with in-house counsel By Michael DiNatale October 2016 Follow these basic tips to enjoy a great client relationship with in-house counsel.
ISBA hosts High School Mock Trial Invitational June 2016 Check out the photos from this year's mock trial, held at the U of I College of Law in Champaign.
ISBA YLD Day at the Races an annual success October 2016 See photos from this year's event.
ISBA YLD hosts Second Annual Wine Tasting in Chicago By Marie K. Sarantakis April 2016 On February 27, 2016, the ISBA's YLD hosted their second annual Wine Tasting event at the ISBA Chicago Regional Office.
Job hunting tips By Edward Wasilewski June 2016 Some pointers to help you land a job or career in the legal profession.
Join us for the Annual Bean Bag Tournament By Bryan Wilson April 2016 Please join us at the YLD’s Annual Bean Bag Tournament on Saturday, April 16 to show off your bean bag tossing skills while supporting the ISBA/YLD Children’s Assistance Fund.
Law practice civility in the wake of a vitriolic election cycle By Michael Alkaraki December 2016 Without conflict, the legal system is irrelevant. But without civility, it is impossible.
Legal issues with technology By Edward Wasilewski October 2016 Find Out More: Fascinated by the intersection of law and technology? The ISBA's Standing Committee on Legal Technology may be just the ticket. Go to https://www.isba.org/sections/legaltechnology to learn more about the Committee and their work.
Legal volunteering—How and why you should lend a hand By Kathryn Conway October 2016 Especially for young lawyers and law students, the ability to provide volunteer legal services is an opportunity to not only create a positive impact on your community but also to gain valuable experience working with real-life clients.
Letter from the Editor By Marie K. Sarantakis October 2016 An introduction and call for articles from YLD Newsletter Editor Marie Sarantakis.
Looking the part: Essentials in a young lawyer’s wardrobe By Kathryn Conway February 2016 Author Kathryn Conway has developed a list of professional wardrobe essentials that every young lawyer should have in his or her closet.
Marketing yourself as a young lawyer without breaking the rules By Vincent Oppedisano December 2016 As lawyers trying to provide value to our firms by generating new business, there are special limits placed on us by the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, particularly by Rule 7. Young lawyers should study this entire Rule in detail, but here are some key takeaways.
Mentoring in Law: Necessity & Opportunity By Michael Alkaraki April 2016 Often, and contrary to many employers' concerns, new lawyers do in fact possess the skills needed to hit the ground running-- they simply lack the confidence and sense of direction that come largely through experience. Fortunately there are resources that can help.
A new option for new lawyers: Your first downtown office By Marie K. Sarantakis August 2016 Have you checked out ISBA Mutual's FREE office space for Illinois lawyers yet?
Note from the Chair By George L. Schoenbeck October 2016 A message from YLD Chair George Schoenbeck.
A note from the Chair: Why a new lawyer should consider active involvement In the ISBA By George L. Schoenbeck December 2016 A look at the benefits awaiting new and young lawyers who become actively involved in the ISBA.