2014 Articles

16th Annual ISBA YLD Holiday Party February 2014 A big thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success!
The 2014 Young Lawyer of the Year and Public Service Awards February 2014 Know someone who does great work? Nominate them now for one of these two prestigious ISBA awards!
7th Annual YLD Bean Bag Tournament March 8 February 2014 Save the date for this fun annual fundraiser!
Ace your case: An overview of the rules governing mandatory arbitrations By Amy Kelly August 2014 In many ways, arbitration hearings are a dress rehearsal for trial and a great way for young lawyers to gain experience.
Advice from the bench By Christina N. Malecki June 2014 Some tips and advice from current judges from different counties throughout the State of Illinois to help newly admitted attorneys prepare for their courtroom appearances.
Bar Foundation update By Jean A. Kenol December 2014 An overview of the IBF and its goals.
‘Be yourself’ is lousy advice By Tania Richard August 2014 We all play roles in life. The ability to know when to play a role and what role to play is a skill that enhances any interview and work relationship
Career development and job security: Making yourself an asset to your firm as a new lawyer By Lisa M. Giese April 2014 Some suggestions on how to distinguish yourself from the masses and advance your legal career.
Challenges facing cognitively impaired lawyers and their co-workers By Stephanie Tang August 2014 A look at the ethical guidelines presented by the ABA Model Rules and Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, the structure and standards of a legal malpractice claim, and a discussion of what other states have done to reduce exposure to malpractice risk.
Differentiating yourself in the legal marketplace: An alternative to “traditional” law school courses By Stephanie Tang June 2014 The University of Illinois College of Law introduced its “Fundamentals of Legal Practice” Program earlier this year to supplement the traditional legal courses students took in an effort to help them understand the issues important to hiring attorneys.
Discovery depositions: A crash course By Angelica W. Wawrzynek December 2014 Inevitably someone higher in the food chain will ask you, the junior associate, to cover a deposition for them. If (when) this happens, do not panic. Here’s an overview that will keep you on track.
Estate planning of the rich and famous By Timothy Rtchey February 2014 A reminder that even young attorneys should have their estate planning documents in place.
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Ethical considerations to run for judge By Jennifer A. Haase February 2014 A look at the process of running for election.
Five reasons to get involved with the ISBA YLD By Brion Doherty October 2014 Becoming involved with the YLD has its benefits!
Five things I wish I’d known as a first-year law student By Marie K. Sarantakis February 2014 Some tips for law students.
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From the Chair By Christopher Niro October 2014 A message from YLD Chair Christopher Niro.
From the Chair By Christopher Niro August 2014 A message from YLD Chair Christopher Niro.
From the Chair By Jean A. Kenol June 2014 A final message from Outgoing Chair Jean Kenol.
From the Chair By Jean A. Kenol April 2014 As I write this article and reflect on this YLD year, I am so proud or what we have been able to accomplish so far and amazed at how quickly it is winding down. Last month we concluded our final installment of our Professional Development Series. We had three distinguished speakers discussing their journey of taking a non-traditional path in their legal careers. Michael Negron, Tarek Fadel and Elizabeth Ellis Simek spoke candidly and provided insight and inspiration for the attendees looking for guidance on alternative career choices with a J.D.
From the Chair By Jean A. Kenol February 2014 A message from YLD Chair Jean Kenol.
From the Chair—’Tis the season of giving By Christopher Niro December 2014 A message from YLD Chair Chris Niro.
Getting your financial house in order: Five financial tips for new lawyers By Priscilla Singer April 2014 The author recommends ways for new lawyers to manage debt and make the transition into the working world.
Illinois State Bar Association’s YLD Day at the Races 2014! By Anna P. Krolikowska October 2014 A big thank you to all our sponsors and participants, who helped make this year's event a great success!
The importance of being able to sometimes say, “I don’t know” By Tania Richard October 2014 In a competitive field, admitting you don't have the answer can be perceived as a sign of weakness. But in reality, being honest and willing to find the answer is actually a sign of strength.
The inside scoop on dep prep to get you through your first deposition By Karoline Carstens August 2014 The author shares a few guidelines to consider when preparing for a deposition.
Interview with Arden K. Miner, President and Chief Executive Officer of ATG LegalServe By Kathy H. Xie February 2014 Learn more about Ms. Miner and the journey that has led her to her current position.
Is law school worth the investment? By Marie K. Sarantakis August 2014 Is it worth going to law school when the degree no longer guarantees a job in the current market?
ISBA unveils exciting new Member Directory! August 2014 Make sure the other members of the ISBA know what sets you apart and can find you easily by activating your member directory profile today.
ISBA YLD co-sponsors a real estate closing workshop at The John Marshall Law School By Marie K. Sarantakis December 2014 Read more about this recent event.
John Marshall ISBA representatives host election law panel By Marie K. Sarantakis December 2014 On October 7, the ISBA Student Representatives for the John Marshall Law School hosted an Election Law Panel event to provide students with education about the electoral process and an opportunity to expand their professional networks.