2002 Articles

15 business card sins lawyers commit By Trey Ryder August 2002 When a client hands your card to a prospect, in one second your prospect draws conclusions based on what he sees.
2002 Illinois Environmental Conference August 2002 Whether your practice requires knowledge of environmental regulations, or you just want to learn more about the ecological system in which we live, the 2002 Illinois Environmental Conference has what you're looking for.
Aiming at nothing and seldom missing By Alan G. Greer August 2002 One of the primary reasons people have such a low respect for and opinion of attorneys is that they don't know what we stand for as a profession or as individuals.
All in a day’s work—YLD council members find success in volunteering June 2002 On February 23, 2002, the Young Lawyers Division council volunteered at the Greater Chicago Food Depository for the second year in a row.
Amended Illinois Supreme Court Rule 213—effective July 1, 2002 By Gretchen N. Smith & Miller and Judith L. Schuch August 2002 Beginning July 1, 2002, Illinois Supreme Court Rule 213 will be revised (the Amended Rule). The Amended Rule contains three significant changes.
Attend a party, give the gift of opportunity October 2002 The YLD's annual holiday party, founded by YLD members Franco A. Coladipietro, Francesco E. DiVito and Scott M. Guetzow, provides a lot more than just an evening of fun and social interaction.
Can I get a Refund for a Previous Year’s Real Estate Taxes? Understanding the “Certificate of Error” Process in Cook County By Franco A. Coladipietro February 2002 In Cook County, the Assessor's Office and the Board of Review provide for specific filing periods to contest a property's proposed assessment for a particular real estate tax year.
Click here to find your mentor August 2002 As young practitioners, we all know how valuable the wisdom of an experienced attorney can be.
Covering Your Assets—Insurance Pointers for Lawyers on the Move By Karen J. Dilibert February 2002 Young lawyers in Illinois are on the move. Lawyers are leaving established law firms to start their own practices.
Don’t be fooled: Tips for school board candidates for the 2003 Illinois consolidated election By Anthony J. Jacob October 2002 With the 2003 Consolidated Election being held in April, school board candidates should be wary of being fooled by Illinois' statutory election procedures.
Filing a proof claim in a bankruptcy case By Sumner A. Bourne June 2002 The first task in completing the claim form is to make sure that you have the correct entity entered in the name box of the claim form.
Filing a Proof Claim in a Bankruptcy Case* By Sumner A. Bourne April 2002 With the recent slowing of the economy, more and more clients are receiving notices of bankruptcy with an attached proof claim form.
Giving credit where it’s due: citing to electronic databases By Katherine A. Amari June 2002 Rapidly advancing technology has allowed attorneys to obtain legal documents online.
Governmental Regulations of Real Property—Can a Regulation Go Too Far? By Robert L. Gamrath, III April 2002 Real estate owners and developers are subjected to a multitude of real property regulations at the local, state, and federal levels of government, which require developers to comply with zoning codes, subdivision codes, building codes, wetland regulations, floodway and flood plain regulations, tree preservation ordinances, protected species regulations, impact fee ordinances, and the like.
How will the Illinois Legislature affect you this year? December 2002 As the Illinois General Assembly enters into its 93rd session in January, look to the ISBA Legislative Affairs Department for help in sorting through the mounds of material to find what matters to you in your practice.  
Hundreds of legal authorities are just a click away October 2002 Let's face it--no matter how much legal experience you may have, there's always some topic or scenario that eludes you.
ISBA delegates attend ABA YLD Assembly By Alvin Ratana & Chris S. Haaff December 2002 On August 9 and 10, 2002, four members of the ISBA Young Lawyers Division (YLD) Council represented the ISBA at the ABA Young Lawyers Division Assembly, conducted at the ABA's annual meeting in Washington, D.C.
ISBA Helps You Track Bills, Statutes Affecting Your Practice February 2002 Each year, the Illinois General Assembly typically passes several hundred bills, the majority of which will go on to become law.
Lincoln Award: History Repeats Itself in 2002 April 2002 Congratulations to Celia Gamrath for winning second place in the 2002 Lincoln Award Legal Writing Contest.
Making sense of new Supreme Court Rule 213 By Daniel P. Wurl December 2002 The Illinois Supreme Court recently announced significant amendments to Rule 213 relating to the disclosure of trial witness testimony. These amendments took effect on July 1, 2002.
Making the digital transition and other common quandaries solved! June 2002 Despite the freedom and efficiency that a paperless office allows, the idea of surrendering all those files of tangible documents in the name of technological advancement tends to scare many lawyers.
Marketing magic for lawyers* By Jim Calloway October 2002 Mention legal marketing to a group of lawyers and you will notice a wide range of reactions. Some lawyers tend to get a bit queasy discussing legal marketing.
Miami Tribe of Oklahoma v. Walden —tribal land claim in Illinois and the government’s response By Anthony Zecchin August 2002 Although not prominently reported on or as well-known in the Chicago metropolitan area, the Miami Tribe lawsuit was, and continues to be, of great significance to many residents of east-central Illinois.
More benefits for members only June 2002 The convenience of mail order shopping for prescription drugs, vitamins and health care items. 800/222-3383.
Persuading jurors, judges and arbitrators with trial exhibits By Rodney R. Nordstrom December 2002 The most common error with trial exhibits is probably the easiest to correct: Getting the trial attorney to pay attention to the importance of his or her trial exhibits.
The six candidates for Illinois’ top three elected legal offices October 2002 After 24 years of Republican mismanagement, budget deficits, and a recession, I believe Illinois can do better. I grew up the son of working class immigrants and have lived the American dream.
So, You Want to Open Your Own Firm? One Attorney’s Tale From the Front By Christopher T. Hurley April 2002 Looking back, the only regret I have is not taking the leap sooner.
Think membership doesn’t have its benefits? Think again June 2002 In the next few weeks you will receive your annual dues statement, asking you to renew your membership with the ISBA.
Tips for giving a better opening statement By Gerald L. Montroy December 2002 It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the opening statement. The jury develops its first impression at this time.
Women Everywhere: Partners in Service Project May 17, 2002 By Kimberly J. Anderson April 2002 Plant flowers, paint a fence, or show women how to navigate the court system to obtain an order of protection.