2003 Articles

529 college plans: An estate planning and education planning tool By Gregg A. Garofalo December 2003 Over the past 10 years, the cost of a college education has grown dramatically and there is little sign of that trend slowing over the next 10 years.
Bullets for successful federal practice By Richard Mills February 2003 The formula for success in trial practice is simple: Be prepared, be decent, and be on time.
Critical components in selecting a student loan consolidation provider February 2003 Almost every lender participating in the student loan industry can offer members of the Illinois State Bar Association a student loan consolidation product.
Effective marketing, not branding, is the key to growing work for existing clients and attracting new clients By John Sterling June 2003 As law firm strategists, we have watched the rising interest in and discussion of "branding" in law firm marketing and management circles.
Employment claims: The first 30 days By Andrew B. Cripe June 2003 Though once rare, employment claims now account for over one-quarter of all lawsuits filed in federal court.
The employment practices audit: A value-added client service By Andrew B. Cripe December 2003 Outside counsel is typically called to handle employment matters after a problem has arisen.
First impressions convey your image, even if you don’t want them to By Trey Ryder April 2003 Lawyers often go to great lengths to design handsome offices so they make a positive, commanding impression when prospective clients come into their office.
From the Chair By Franco A. Chair April 2003 Busy, busy, busy. The members of the ISBA Young Lawyers Division Council marked 2002-2003 as a year to set the future vision and course of the council's activities and programs.
Gossip: The good, the bad, and the ugly By Gloria Petersen August 2003 Physical wounds heal; damaging information can last a lifetime.
Handling a client By Donald C. Schiller August 2003 If a client has confidence and trust in his or her lawyer, he or she will not be difficult for the lawyer to manage.
How to charge more than other lawyers and attract better clients By Trey Ryder October 2003 Why it's sometimes better not to lower your fees.
The initial interview and client relations By James H. Feldman April 2003 The first meeting with the potential client is probably the most important one in the attorney-client relationship and possibly for the case itself.
ISBA Young Lawyers Division represented at ABA annual meeting By Patrick J. Morley & Alvin Ratana December 2003 On August 8 and 9, 2003, the American Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division (YLD) Assembly convened at the ABA annual meeting in San Francisco. Four members of the ISBA Young Lawyers Division represented the ISBA.
Jump start your job search: Three surefire ways to re-energize your networking efforts By Lisa L. Abrams February 2003 Chances are your car isn't the only thing that could use a jump start in February. Your job search could probably use an infusion of energy, too.
Negligent spoliation of evidence By Gina M. Arquilla December 2003 Under Illinois law, the supreme court has declined to recognize a separate cause of action for spoliation of evidence.
A new concept in retirement plans, the Solo (K) By Dr. Bart A. Basi October 2003 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are currently 17 million self-employed individuals in the United States.
Now…what was I going to say? By Vicki Kunkel October 2003 Three words that can strike fear into the heart of nearly every person who has to do presentations: Drawing a blank.
One person’s trash is another’s treasure. . . By Annemarie E. Kill December 2003 How much used computer equipment do you have laying around the office or at home?
One size does not fit all By Gloria Petersen October 2003 Have you ever tried to wear a garment that was one-size-fits-all? It is a great idea, but people just do not fall into a one-size-fits-all category.
One-way streets: Making a case for civility By Alan G. Greer April 2003 These days it seems we are in danger of losing our civility as lawyers because far too many of us practice negative gamesmanship rather than positive professionalism.
Our youngest jurors—the Internet Generation By LaDonna Carlton June 2003 As attorneys enter the courtroom today they are beginning to see more and more young people in the venire.
Practical checklist for the estate planning practitioner By Deborah B. Cole February 2003 Errors in estate planning are one of the most common types of legal malpractice.
Revised means of obtaining protected health information… By Jennifer Guthrie June 2003 The April 14, 2003 compliance date for HIPAA's Privacy Regulations has come and gone.
TechnoLawyer.com: How to stay in touch when out of reach By Carol L. Schlein August 2003 Getting away from work has become nearly impossible. While you can use a Palm or similar handheld device to look up client appointments or telephone numbers and a cell phone to keep in touch with clients, the latest round of toys--er, tools--make it harder to disconnect from the office.
Unity and integrity in the workplace By Gloria Petersen June 2003 Your reputation is the essence of you and should be guarded as your most precious commodity.
Web Design 101: If you build it, they might come By Peter T. Boyd August 2003 Every once in awhile, I receive blank stares from lawyers after I tell them how much a good Web site will cost.
What is it worth to have a Web site? By Peter T. Boyd October 2003 Every law firm has a Web site. So should you. But in today's competitive economy, it's no longer enough to simply post your firm name, address and phone number online and think that this will somehow gain you prestige and clients.
What you charge is key to your marketing message June 2003 When hiring a lawyer, prospects want to make the right decision. Yet to thoroughly check out a lawyer, a prospect needs to conduct a fair amount of time-consuming research.
When are public school teachers eligible to receive unemployment benefits from the state? By Anthony J. Jacob August 2003 This article discusses the circumstances when a public school teacher may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits under the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act (the Act) and its regulations, which are administered by the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES).