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The newsletter of the ISBA’s Young Lawyers Division

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Newsletter Articles From 2011

Tips for new lawyers By Cade Cummins June 2011 A few suggestions for new attorneys as you take the bar exam and look for employment.
Voluntarily dismissing a lawsuit and later refiling is not an escape hatch through which to disclose new witnesses if witness disclosure deadlines already passed in the original lawsuit By Alyx J. Parker April 2011 An attorney must take great care when dealing with Rule 213 witness disclosure deadlines, as a voluntary dismissal will not remedy omissions by simply re-filing the lawsuit and disclosing the omitted witness(es).
What every young lawyer should know about collaborative law (a.k.a., collaborative practice) By Sandra Crawford and Anna P. Krolikowska August 2011 Learn about collaborative law and sign up for the ISBA CLE program on October 13th. View the details here. 
Wrapping up the case: a primer By Angelica W. Wawrzynek December 2011 A how-to for finalizing your first personal injury case.
YLD Bean Bag Tournament to be held in March By Debra Liss Thomas February 2011 An invitation to do good while having fun.
YLD golf outing a success By George L. Schoenbeck October 2011 The Golf Outing, held this past August, raised more than $11,000 for the YLD's Children's Assistance Fund.
YLD kickball team wins league championship By Erin Lamm and Jordan S. Powell August 2011 Congratulations to the YLD kickball team!
YLD Law Student Committee: An introduction to the ISBA By Amy Kelly December 2011 An overview of the YLD's Law Student Committee, what it provides and how you can help.
YLD members attend the ISBA Annual Meeting By Sarah Toney August 2011 A recap of the YLD's activities at the ISBA Annual Meeting in June.
YLD offers CLE seminars By Debra Liss Thomas August 2011 The YLD continually presents CLE seminars that meet the needs and expectations of its members.
A young lawyer, thinking like a start-up business owner By Patrick G. King February 2011 Similar to a start-up business, a young lawyer must begin somewhere and start small. This article offers tips for cost-effective and practical ways a young lawyer can be seen and heard.