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The newsletter of the ISBA’s Young Lawyers Division

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Newsletter Articles From 2010

Seeking wisdom By Jean A. Kenol February 2010 The single best (and most memorable) piece of advice that I received came from a professor of mine during my junior year of college. He told me to always “seek wisdom.” In his explanation of this advice he told me to seek advice from trusted people who have been down the paths I will take throughout my life. Basically, find a mentor. This advice never became more valuable than when I started my legal career.
Surviving in the legal practice By Sonia Munoz Gallagher December 2010 Six rules to help you be a better and more productive lawyer.
What can I be with a J.D.? A professor of law By Anna P. Krolikowska February 2010 In this issue we will focus on James Carey, Professor of Law, and Director of the Advocacy Center at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.
What can I be with a J.D.? An Assistant Dean for Career Services By Anna P. Krolikowska June 2010 A focus on Laurel A. Hajek, Assistant Dean for Career Services at the John Marshall Law School.
What can I be with a J.D.? An internet entrepreneur By Allan Niemerg December 2010 A focus on Jeff Epstein, founder of
Words of Wisdom By Rebecca E. Cahan June 2010 Three experienced lawyers reflect on their own career journeys and offer their insight.
Working with law students/clerks By Bryan J. Wilson October 2010 Law clerks provide a special resource to law firms. While they are inexperienced and young, they can also be eager to learn and hard-working.
YLD Chair’s corner By Robert Fink October 2010 A look at upcoming events for members of the YLD.
YLD Summer Soiree to be held in June By Adela C. Lucchesi April 2010 You're invited to attend this annual fundraiser.
YLD Third Annual Bean Bag Tournament held in March was a success By Elizabeth McKillip April 2010 The ISBA YLD has hosted another successful Bean Bag Tournament.